Wheel repair machine is the most reliable butler for the wheel of your car

Not where the roads are all asphalt roads, all the roads are very flat, and it is inevitable that there will be bumps. Cars are very important means of transportation. With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people buy cars. Many people buy top models not for the appearance of the car, but for the wheels, which shows the charm of the wheels.

As we all know, it’s a common occurrence to break a wheel while driving. Some friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder can be said to be "blind and annoyed". Then there are many wheel repair businesses in the market. Today we just to verify whether the repaired wheel is reliable and can it achieve the effect of the original wheel.

People who love cars abound, and the damage problems can be summed up as "scratches, deformation, and cracks." If you are operating a wheel repair shop, before each repair, your customers will definitely ask if there are any safety hazards if the wheel is not repaired? Will there be color difference after repair? Can plastic surgery be adjusted to the original position? Will it crack again after repair?

Now we will solve these problems one by one, starting from the most common wheel scratches.

The first question is whether there will be chromatic aberrations after the wheel scratches are repaired?

There will be no chromatic aberration, and the use of a fully automatic wheel repair machine to repair a scratched wheel can achieve a mirror effect or a wire drawing effect. Most of the wheels do not involve the treatment of the colored paint layer, only need to lightly polish the original color paint layer. The mirror effect or drawing effect is colorless paint, so there is no color difference.

The second question is whether there will be peeling and peeling after the wheel wheel is repaired?

The reason for the peeling and peeling of the wheel wheel is that the bottom surface is not firm after the primer is painted without using high-temperature spray primer, the second is that the unevenness is not filled with aluminum powder, and the thermal expansion and contraction caused the putty ash to burst. The third is the use of the price cheap paint, the quality of the paint itself cannot be guaranteed. Fourth, high-temperature paint for wheels is not used.

The third question is whether the maintenance of the wheel will have a safety impact on the driving of the vehicle?

Wheel repair only repairs the surface, and has nothing to do with the force structure of the wheel body, and the weight of the wheel is negligible.

The fourth problem is how long can the wheel be used after repair?

Wheel scratches are repaired with a wheel repair machine to be the same as the original factory. Like car body paint repair, it can be used for a long time without scratches.

It can be seen that the focus of the repair of wheel scratches lies in the use of automatic wheel repair machine AWR902VP. Excellent repair technology and highly automated lathes have greatly improved the look and feel of the surface of the wheel.

After talking about wheel scratches, then the more common wheel wheel deformation. The main reason for the wheel deformation is passing through road pits at high speed or rolling to hard objects. Different from wheel scratches, if the deformation of the wheel is not repaired, the air will leak slowly, and the vehicle will vibrate when the vehicle is between 80 and 120 yards.

Deformation of the wheel wheel can appear on the outside and inside of the wheel wheel, so when the tire leaks slowly, one is to check whether the tire is nailed, and the other is to check whether the wheel is deformed. When the outside of the wheel is deformed, plastic repair can be carried out. Will be equipped with a wheel repair machine for wheel shaping.

Will the repaired wheel be deformed again?

The overall torsion resistance of the repaired area is basically the same as that of other positions, and the large-scale thermal shaping will cause less damage to the wheel wheel.

Will the repaired wheels affect driving safety?

The reshaping of the wheel has basically no effect on safety, mainly because the reshaping of the wheel will not bring about the rigidity of the wheel. The industrial design of the wheel has a high force margin, and most people cannot drive to the limit of the wheel and tire for a long time.

The deformation of the wheel needs to be corrected by a professional wheel shaping machine. When encountering a slight deformation that is not obvious, it is necessary to use a measuring instrument to perform a circular test. The horizontal and vertical measurements are performed multiple times to find the deformation position and correct it in multiple times.

Some friends don’t know much about the mirror or brushed effect repair of the wheel. The brushed or mirrored repair of the wheel is to use the fully automatic CNC wheel repair equipment to detect the surface of the wheel first, generate the other car program, optimize it, and then perform cutting. One wire is only 0.03MM, and perfect effects such as mirror or wire drawing can be achieved by adjusting the spindle speed and feed speed.

The Crystal wheel repair machine is easy to operate with 17-inch touch screen and the automatic tool post. Can realize rainbow line effect , brushed or mirror effect. After reading this article, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of wheel repair. Crystal wheel repair machine sticks to the bottom line of repair and restores each value wheel.

Wheel repair machine is the most reliable butler for the wheel of your car

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