Wheel repair machine is perfect choice for your damaged wheels

Aluminum alloys are often the first choice for those who want to achieve high-performance driving in aesthetically superior cars.

Aluminum alloy wheels are a common phenomenon on public roads.

Benefits of aluminum wheels

• They have a huge aesthetic appeal compared to steel wheels and hubcaps.

• They reduce the vehicle's spring suspension weight (weight not supported by the vehicle's suspension), which improves handling and acceleration.

•They increase the brake clearance so that the driver can better control the deceleration.

• Due to the combination of aluminum and other metals, they are very durable.

• Heat dissipation reduces the possibility of wheel cracking or bending, and improves braking efficiency.

• They allow air to flow freely around all tires, which helps cool the brakes.

• They increase the value of your vehicle for all the reasons mentioned above.

Aluminum alloy wheels VS steel wheels

Alloy wheels

• Aluminum alloy can be cast and customized into a variety of designs to make the car a more personalized look.

• The mixture of aluminum and nickel is light, has greater agility while driving and improves acceleration.

• This smoother drive makes alloy driving very enjoyable in summer.

• Aluminum alloy hubcaps can be polished, painted, machined or chrome plated to provide a stylish, elegant look.

Steel wheel

• Steel wheel designs tend to be versatile and practical.

• They are very heavy, making them sturdy and durable, but not so good in terms of drivability.

• They are more suitable for winter use as they are heavier, bite the snow harder and provide better grip.

• Steel wheel covers do not have much visual appeal and are easily damaged or completely loose.

• Steel wheels are more popular for drivers without decoration, who just want to get their vehicle from point A to point B.

Custom color customization is one of the many advantages of aluminum alloy wheels.

The car wheel is located on the outside of the car, it is easy to be damaged during driving. Once the wheel is damaged, it will greatly reduce the overall dynamics of the wheel and reduce the grade of the owner. It is also not acceptable even a little scratch on wheel surface for owner. Even if you drive carefully, the wheel will have slight scratches, and the repair of car wheels has become the first problem for many owners.

There are a few key questions you should always ask yourself when considering car repairs or wheel refurbishments, or actually investing in new alloys. One of the first questions you have to ask is, how is the tracking on my wheels when I drive? An easy way to check is when driving without applying pressure to the steering wheel, you may find that your car may sway or tilt slightly to the left or right instead of going straight. One of your wheels may be off and may require a mechanic to readjust.

At other times, if you notice any of the following damage to your wheels, you may consider sending your car for wheel refurbishment. There are three kinds of damage condition.

Minor Damage, like Scrap, Scratches, Abrasion and Decay;

Moderate Damage like Bend, Buckle and Dent;

Serious damage like split wheels;

Wheel bending can occur if the car is impacted from the side and forces the dimensions of the wheel to bend over all three dimensions of the wheel. Sometimes this can happen if someone hits the curb. You will notice this if the steering wheel does not vibrate well while driving.

All in all, when you make an informed decision about whether you should do a wheel repair, a wheel refurbishment or a complete alloy replacement, you can now see some reasons and factors to consider. Obviously, cost will be another important factor in most people's decisions, no matter which decision you choose, it is important to hire a reputable wheel repair specialist.

The wheels on the driver's car certainly play a significant role. Beyond aesthetics, wheels are an important part of car safety. Wheels are the key to connecting your car to the road, so it's important that the quality of the wheels matches the purpose. Obviously, if you are a driver who completes a longer trip, then in the long run, better quality wheels are a wise choice from a safety and economic perspective.

Wheel refurbishment: If you want to keep your existing car wheels, you must find out the wheel size currently in use, so check on the wheel side. The part of the wheel size you need to see is the number displayed, as this will tell you the diameter of the wheel you have. This method will enable you to use your existing wheels.

It seems obvious, but the biggest cause of wheel damage is bending. Therefore, please be careful every time you stop car. In addition, please pay attention to the road when driving, and try to avoid potholes, especially the deepest potholes. They can place rips into the air-tight lining of the tire, thereby denting the rim, buckling the wheel and puncturing the tire.

How to avoid wheel damage?

It seems obvious, but the biggest cause of wheel damage is bending. Therefore, be careful every time you stop. In addition, paying attention to the road when driving, and trying to avoid potholes, especially the deepest potholes. They can place rips into the air-tight lining of the tire, thereby denting the rim, buckling the wheel and puncturing the tire.

Keep cleaning. Keeping alloy wheels clean not only makes the car look better, it also prevents dust and dirt from corroding the alloy. If you clean the aluminum alloy wheels regularly, you will find them easy to maintain because they do not accumulate dust. Be sure to inflate the car tires to the correct level. Low pressure in the tire increases the chance of damaging the wheel. In particular, do not drive on a deflated wheel.

When driving, you need to try to avoid sharp turns or sharp turns at high speeds. Wheels rolling at sharp corners can cause damage to alloy wheels, which is more likely to occur on cars with low tires and soft tires.

Refurbished or replaced?

This is a big problem, it depends on the severity of the damage and the value of the wheel. In general, if you have an expensive set of wheels or they are original equipment wheels, it is best to refurbish, or at least refurbish it. A full set of new wheels is very high, if you have a cheap set of aftermarket alloys and the damage is severe, the cost of refurbishment may be the same as the new set of alloys.

Remember that a complete refurbishment of aluminum alloy wheels can also refurbish your car, as you can change the color of the wheels. In fact, this is a cheap way to get a whole new set of wheels.

But be sure to contact your aluminum wheel repairer first. Recently, a customer who wanted to throw away her entire set of wheels because one of them was cracked. We suggest him to repair the wheel by our wheel repair machine, the wheel was repair well in low cost but she was still driving. If you have any questions about whether a refurbishment should be done, please contact a reputable and experienced aluminum alloy wheel refurbishment socket. They can assess damage to the alloy and provide you with an estimated cost. Wheel refurbishment is generally more economical and has no impact on your vehicle performance.

Wheel refurbishment requires professional wheel repair equipment. Crystal wheel repair machine have more than 20 years of experience. You can customize your machine according to your requirements and aesthetics, that is your perfect choice.

Wheel repair machine is perfect choice for your damaged wheels

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