Wheel repair machine is more important than you think

The wheel is the greatest invention of mankind. It has brought fundamental changes to the progress and prosperity of mankind. The invention of the wheel adds strength and speed to motion and is very effective in providing leverage and reducing road friction.

Before the invention of the wheel, human travel and transportation were very traditional, such as on horses, camels and other animals. The wheel has changed all this, and it plays a fundamental role in time and distance. Initially, humans used it for transportation, but soon it became the foundation of agriculture, industry, trade, transportation, and all the major processes and forces in the world.

People who have a little knowledge of the structure of the car know that the wheel can be regarded as a very core part of the car, it is important as the tire. The tire is flexible, while the wheel is rigid, they cooperate with each other, only under the control of the front and rear axles can the vehicle run normally. Objectively speaking, the environment faced by the wheel is also relatively bad, because it is directly exposed to the outside, although it will not directly rub with the ground, it will also contact the external environment, and like other parts of the car, there will be scraping.

New alloy wheels are more expensive than traditional steel wheels. They involve complex manufacturing processes, thereby increasing the overall cost. Therefore, if the wheel is damaged, it should be considered to repair it so that no further damage will be caused. It will also reduce the chance of replacing new alloy wheels and ensure the overall charm and elegance of your car.

Wheel experienced the development of stone, wood, iron, steel, aluminum alloy etc to meet the needs of people. As the originator of wheel repair machine, we have been paying attention to the needs of customers and constantly introduce different new products.

Next, i will introduce our new design wheel repair machine for you in detail. You can see the overall structure, the machine size is smaller, can repair wheels up to 34’’. This wheel repair machine equipped with a multi-touch industrial panel make it is very convenient to use, just like your mobile, or you can use the wireless mouse and keyboard. Just few times of touch, you can repair a wheel in a short time.

You may curious about how to use this machine?Actually, there are mainly four steps to repair a wheel by our machine: load the wheel,detection, optimization, diamond cutting.

When load the wheels, you can use the exclusive customized big size chuck with soft claw, three steps per jaw and majority of wheels can be mounted on the chuck. At the same time, it does not damage the outer edge of the wheel. Stable clamping, no shaking during operation, high accuracy.

The detection system use contact type ruby probe, the probe tip diameter is 3mm, which is consistent with the size of the tool tip, improving accuracy. Wear-resistant, long service life. In order to make the operation more convenient, we specially studied the magnetic hand-wheel unit, it can be placed any place of the lathe, easy to carry and use, we use it to control the move of two axis.

You can see the PC controller of the machine in the below picture, it is based on Windows and equipped with self-developed optimization software, so you can optimize the curve directly, without the need of another computer to make a special optimization, can save a lot of work time.

The final step is wheel cutting. You can adjust the spindle speed and feed speed of cutters to realize different wheel repair effects.

Over time, you may start to ignore dents and scratches on the wheels. If not fixed, these small problems can lead to bigger problems. Like anything in life, the more serious the damage of alloy wheel hub repair, the greater the cost of repair.

Therefore, a certain degree of vigilance and active maintenance can keep the cost of alloy hub renovation at the lowest level.

Aluminum alloy wheels also attract customers because of their beauty and attractiveness. But they are very fragile, and they can easily be damaged, corroded, or cracked. If not fixed, these small problems can lead to bigger problems. Like anything in life, the more serious the damage of alloy wheel repair, the greater the cost of repair. In order to repair your wheel in time, you must repair it with our wheel repair machine AWR902VP . We believe that your vehicle will be your source of comfort and happiness, therefore, you will be proud of riding and traveling. If you want to inquire about your own alloy wheel renovation or repair service, please contact us.

Wheel repair machine is more important than you think

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