Wheel repair machine is good choice for wheel repair

I heard that there is a new method of mate selection among British women. They can determine within a minute whether the man in front of them is the prince charming of their dreams, and all of this is done by looking at the shoes on the man’s feet. To be sure. For car lovers, the significance of wheels is no less than that of shoes to men.

No matter what it is, it will become old and damaged as long as it is used. What's more, the car that we use almost every day, the body will be more or less bumped and scratched during use, and it will inevitably be bumped back and forth, especially the wheel, which is in contact with the ground for a long time. It is easy to rub stones or facilities when parking a turn and reversing, causing damage such as scratches and meat on the wheel.

In fact, in our opinion, it is the same reason that the newly bought clothes will become old and the wheel is scratched. But the clothes get old and we don't like them. We can buy new ones anytime and anywhere, but the wheels are so expensive that it is not cost-effective to buy new ones, and it is difficult to buy the original ones. Especially the wheel scratches, everyone will feel not good looking, and worry about the wheel scratches will affect safety?

In fact, the wheel is scratched, if the wheel is not deformed, slight scratches do not affect the safety of use, just affect the aesthetics, car lovers look uncomfortable. Is it necessary to repair the damaged wheel ? It depends on the scratch. If the scratches are serious or there is a gap at the rim of the wheel to be repaired in a timely manner. Seriously scratched surface of the wheel aluminum alloy material exposed to the air for a long time will lead to corrosion of the wheel yellow, not only ugly and once the corrosion of aluminum alloy material, the wheel will be completely scrapped; Wheel edge gap to repair in time, because the wheels have gap, gap part to stretch, once corrosion will lead to not closely the wheel tires, thus presents the status of the wheel slow leak. It needs to be fixed in the end, so it's better to fix it before it's too late.

So the question is where to repair the damaged wheels? The best option, of course, is to use the wheel repair machine from Crystal. Vertical wheel repair lathe vertical wheel repair machine uses mature designs such as gantry structure, cast iron bed, X/Z axis linear rail, precision ball screw, etc., and adjusted the positions of the Z-axis control motor and main motor, and at the same time, an independent headstock is installed. All of these make the new structure machine more satisfy the diversified market demand of different customers. It uses a 17-inch large screen touch industrial PC system. The operation is very simple and does not require special. And we have a complete training video, remote collaboration and video training are also available, so you don’t have to worry about operation problems. And it adopts a fully automatic detection system, can realize automatic tool change, improving work efficiency and saving working time. In addition, our wheel repair lathe also use a high-precision automatic detection system, high repeat positioning accuracy, and also improved repair accuracy, Optimization software is simple to operate and easy to learn. After the detection is completed, the detection curve can be automatically optimized to achieve rainbow line effect and mirror effects.

Looking at this, I'm sure you won't have to worry about how to repair the damaged wheel. If you would like to know more about automatic wheel repair lathe machine, please contact us.

Wheel repair machine is good choice for wheel repair

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