Wheel repair machine is good choice for repairing wheel

The wheel repair industry has a good developing trend and is very promising in the future. There is thousands of car wheels are worn or damaged because of normal wear or crash by sharp objects every day. The damage impact car beauty appearance. More important, it will cause vibration when driving and driving safety problem. If the problems are ignored for long time, it is necessary to change into new wheel. That will waste lots of money and time to change into new wheels. For many wheels on premium car, they need to be customized. It is very inconvenient to wait long time getting customized wheel for car owner. According to statistics, the annual damage rate of car wheels is 10%, and the repairable rate is over 70%. At the same time, statistics show that owners in Europe, the United States and other countries have a strong enthusiasm for the parts and components of the original car. So 80% people choose to repair, not replacement. Wheel repair can restore its appearance and strength in a short time. That will ensure safety, save time and be convenient. Compared new wheel, it is better choice that pays less money to get perfect result.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd research and develop wheel repair machine as market requirement. It is the pioneer wheel repair CNC machine in China. It is purpose of Taian Crystal to supply high quality machine to customers.

Next, I will introduce this machine so that you have a better understanding for machine details.

1. Touch probe system. The touch type probe system is higher precision, more than 10 times detection accuracy than other similar machine. That will be more accuracy for tool setting using high accuracy probe system. This probe system is more stable performance than the laser detector on the market. The R1.5mm probe tip can be better finish detection in higher accuracy for wheel surface. Furthermore, the touching probe has longer lifetime, stable working ability and can apply to different repair requests from different wheel shapes.

2. The main structure castings are calculated and analyzed by element analysis method. The machine adopt high-quality MEEHANITE cast iron, reasonable structural strength and secondary quench to ensure high rigidity and stability.

3. The machine adopts advanced experience allover the world. Taian Crystal engineer made big improvement on the spindle box. The support span between the front and rear bearings has increased 40%~50%. The bearing rigidity has increased by 25%. All designs are advantageous for cutting. The lathe is highly automated and can be multi-coordinated to cut complex hubs.

4. 17 inch touch screen industry integrated machine. Quad core CPU/ SSD hard stick/large capacity DRR3 memory/ USB3.0/WIFI module. 10-point touch capacitive screen/1000:1high contrast/16.7M dynamic color/1280×1024. Metal casing cover, low power consumption(no fan), dust proof, Anti interference, high and low temperature. wireless key&mouse are set up and the mouse can be used together with the touch screen.

5. The machine is very easy to operate.the people without professional training can learn the operation easily in one hour.

Wheel repair machine is good choice for repairing wheel

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