Wheel repair machine is an integral part of a wheel repair shop

For your safety, you must understand the importance of wheel maintenance. Wheel maintenance is also integral to the durability and condition of the wheel. When the wheels are of poor quality, the chances of an accident are higher. However, most car owners only pay attention to the wheels when they are badly damaged. It's important to keep an eye on your wheels at all times. If you notice your wheels early, you can go to a workshop to fix them for minor issues, and if it's surface damage then workshops usually use diamond cut wheels.

You may be asking yourself what are diamond cut alloy wheels? If you just bought or leased a new car. You may not know you have diamond cut alloy wheels. However, if you need to repair them, there will only be a cost impact.

So what's the difference between regular alloy wheels and diamond cut alloy wheels? Traditional alloy wheels are fully painted, usually one color, by powder coating or wet spray techniques, and the wheels are painted to protect against weather corrosion.

The wheel repair machine, it is a professional wheel repair equipment designed based on cnc technology. Vertical wheel repair machine AWR902VP is specially developed according to market demand for the repair of automotive aluminum wheel end face scratches, to produce a great finish of the same standard as larger CNC lathe machines while being faster and smaller. Leaving you with more workshop space and better turnaround time.

A powerful key point for the machine is probing. The probe with high accuracy 3mm can perfectly copy the original curve of the wheels. Wear-resistant, long service life. Contact-type detection is more stable and accurate than traditional laser detection.

If a skilled operator does not properly profile the wheel, they may cut off too much of the wheel surface, making the wheel unsafe. Another factor is how polished the wheel looks if the alloy wheel is cut incorrectly, you may have a dulling effect or deep grooves in the cut. However, Crystal wheel repair cnc lathe has self-developed professional wheel repair software. The software supports partial modification of the wheel curve and perfectly repairs the wheel surface with the minimum cutting amount. The detection, optimization, cutting repair and other links are all completed on this system at one time, very friendly and convenient choice. So you need to find the right wheel repair specialist because he has the right equipment and the right skills to not further damage your wheels.

Wheel repair machine is an integral part of a wheel repair shop

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