Wheel repair machine gives your wheels the original factory finish

When it comes to our top quality aluminium alloy wheels, regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to preserving them to a mint condition. Properly maintained wheels, will not only add to the overall appearance of your car but also the value.

The best news of all is that it that it doesn’t require a lot of work. By periodically cleaning and polishing your wheels, it can go a long way to preserving their shine and overall aesthetic, and these tips can help you do just that.

In an ideal world your aluminium alloy wheels should be washed and dried after every trip, but who lives in an ideal world -aim for at least once a month or once a week if you can manage.

The Cleaning Process

You should start by firstly washing your wheels with soapy water; do this on cold wheels and concentrate on one wheel at a time. You may also optionally use a hose to help you get in between the spokes and other tricky corners of the wheel. A warm day is best when you’re cleaning your alloys, however, you should avoid doing it in direct sunlight.

You want to clean the wheel thoroughly whilst being gentle and avoid using abrasive tools in order to protect surface of the wheel from scratching, then rinse with plain water. If you want to be extra thorough then you may want to consider using a wheel brush and large cotton swabs to help you wipe any remaining dirt off.

After washing your wheels you should then dry them using a clean cloth or towel ready for the following step.

Waxing and Polishing

Some wheels need polish, whilst other will require wax; what you should use is dependent on the finish of your wheel. For chrome or aluminium use their respective polishes. On the other hand if you have painted or coated wheels, then wax is best to protect them.

Apply the wax or the polish using a clean cloth and buff until it becomes shiny. If you have an dirt wheel, then polishing is not necessary, applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly should do just fine.

But accidents happen, especially those involving a pavement kerb during a lightly off-target parallel parking manoeuvre. Can you see deep scratches or cracks on the surface? No problem! But it can be easily reproduced the original factory finish with the help of diamond cut wheel repair machine and refurbishment. The process is very precise and takes a lot of time. It is impossible to perform by yourself as this type of polishing requires the use of a special lathe.

What is a diamond cut refurbishment?

The diamond cutting process involves removing a very thin layer of the alloy from the wheel using a lathe. Why do that? Because initially, the surface of the wheel is very smooth. Without stripping, no lacquer will ever be able to hold on to it. Diamond cutting, on the contrary, prepares the surface for polish and makes the finish last much longer. However effective, you cannot subject your wheels to diamond cut alloy repair and refurbishment(https://bit.ly/3E7wIqB) more than 2-3 times. Removing too many layers will leave the surface too thin and make it prone to cracks.

Wheel repair machine gives your wheels the original factory finish

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