Wheel repair machine gives your wheel a best refurbishment

Damage to your alloy wheels can be really frustrating, particularly if you are enthusiastic about keeping your car in top condition. In cases where you experience alloy wheel cracks, dents or deep scratches, you’ll most likely need a full alloy wheel repair to restore their condition.

If however, damage is light and you only have cosmetic scuffs and scrapes on your alloys, you may be able to benefit from the simple and quick alloy wheel refurbishment services.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel refurbishment is the process of reconditioning your alloy wheels on a wheel repair machine, removing cosmetic, surface level damage and restoring them to their original, pristine condition.

Refurbishing your alloy wheels is often a more simple and cheaper service than having a repair done, so if you think that your alloy damage can be restored through simple refurbishment techniques.

You can find a wheel repair store to do that. They usually use a professional diamond cutting wheel repair lathe to refurbish your wheels.

Why would you need alloy wheel refurbishment?

The road conditions can easily lead to alloy wheel damage high kerb, large potholes and uneven surfaces can scuff and scrape the surface of your alloys.

Paying for a replacement isn’t always a viable option and repairs can potentially be costly (depending on the extent of the damage). Having your alloys refurbished can be a cheaper and quicker alternative to repairing or replacing - if it is possible to refurbish your alloys, it’s better to do so to maintain your car’s condition.

Refurbed alloy wheel can easily achieve the appearance of a brand new set - not only will the damage be repaired but the entire surface of the alloy can be brought back to life through a range of finishing techniques.

Is it worth refurbishing alloy wheels?

If you value the appearance of your vehicle and want to maintain that ‘pristine car’ aesthetic then yes, it is well worth having your alloys refurbished. Even if you have no damage and just want your alloys freshened up, refurbishment is the way to go.

Having well refurbished alloys can also help to maintain the value of your car, so if you wish to sell in the future, it’s worth keeping the refurbishment services in mind!

Does alloy wheel refurbishment remove all types of damage?

Alloy wheel refurbishment covers minor damages, such as surface scratches and scuffs. If scratches to your alloys need filling, that’ll be classed as a repair.

How can you prevent further damage?

Simply put, look after your vehicle! We recommend washing your wheels regularly to avoid dirt and grime that could cause further damage, but remember to wait five days after getting your wheels refurbished, or you could actually damage the new work that has been done.

Regular washing will avoid a buildup of brake dust, which can damage the surface of the rim. If left for too long, you may have to end up paying for another refurbishment.

Wheel repair machine gives your wheel a best refurbishment

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