Wheel repair machine gives you new experience in 2021

The "alloy wheel" refers to a wheel made of a mixture of aluminum and a small amount of other metals. This combination helps to make a wheel that is both strong and lightweight. Although they are more expensive than electroplated wheels, they add great visual effects to your vehicle and can increase the overall value of the car.

Aluminum itself is very light, but when it is combined with other metals to form alloy wheels, the entire product will be fully reinforced. They are mainly used in high-performance vehicles, especially vehicles for racing purposes, although they have become a common phenomenon on public roads in recent years.

The benefits of having aluminum alloy wheels:

Compared with steel wheels and hub caps, they have a huge aesthetic appeal.

They reduce the weight of the vehicle's spring suspension (weight not supported by the vehicle suspension), thereby improving handling and acceleration.

They increase the brake clearance, allowing the driver to better control deceleration.

Due to the combination of aluminum and other metals, they are very durable.

Heat dissipation can reduce the possibility of wheel cracking or bending, and can improve braking efficiency.

They allow air to flow freely around all tires, which helps to cool the brakes.

For all the reasons mentioned above, they increase the value of your vehicle.

What is the damage to the aluminum alloy wheel?

Fragmentation: The aluminum alloy wheel hub may be broken due to impact, and small visible pieces will be removed from the hub.

Rupture: Any impact on the alloy wheel during driving may cause the wheel to rupture, which may be a serious problem. If cracks form on the fragile part of the wheel or expand to a large size, it is likely that the wheel needs to be scrapped.

Corrosion: The reaction of aluminum alloy wheels with salt on the road may cause corrosion of the wheels. This damage can usually be identified by the appearance of white dust on the wheel parts, and can sometimes cause structural damage.

Curb damage: Scratching the wheel from the curb may cause serious damage. The degree of damage will vary depending on the nature of the wheel and the degree of impact with the curb.

If you find these or other types of damage on the aluminum alloy wheels, you may need a full refurbishment, refurbishment or replacement?

This is a big problem, and it depends on the severity of the damage and the value of the wheel. Generally speaking, if you have a set of expensive wheels or wheels that are original equipment, it is best to refurbish, or at least refurbish. The price of a complete set of new wheels may be as high as $5,000, while the price of the entire vehicle is about $300. However, if you have a cheap after-sales alloy and the damage is severe, the cost of refurbishment may be about the same as the price of the new alloy.

Remember that a complete refurbishment of aluminum alloy wheels may also change your car, because you can change the color of the wheels. In fact, this is a cheap way to get a brand new set of wheels.

Scratching the shiny aluminum wheels accidentally is a good way to ruin the day. Even your week! High curbs, distractions and huge potholes are all causes of damage. In addition, this can happen to even the most cautious driver. But generally speaking, minor damage to aluminum alloy wheels can usually be repaired by professionals, so there is no need to panic.

The refurbishment of aluminum alloy wheels requires professional machines and attention to detail to produce the best results. There is a technology to repair damaged alloy wheels-diamond cutting wheel CNC repair machine. The wheel repair machine can remove damaged parts, thereby providing a smooth surface for repairs.

Wheel repair machine gives you new experience in 2021

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