Wheel repair machine feedback from customers

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd as the originator of wheel repair lathe manufacturer in China market, we received many feedback from different country customers.

American customers:

I bought a Crystal wheel repair machine, I tried cutting two wheels and it did a great job. And repaired two wheels in less than 25 minutes. I am very picky about my machine; the work it does is excellent. Both look brand new. The price of the machine is also very good.

South African customers

Crystal is a great company and it allows me to complete a great job. The delivery time of the machine is very fast. The quality is very good and it is easy to operate. Many of my clients are very satisfied. They said it was so convenient for them to come to me. I highly recommend Crystal wheel repair machines, and if necessary for business expansion, I will buy them again.

Canadian customers

This is a late review, but it needs to be posted! After scratching my wheel locally, I used a wheel repair lathe. My wheels look perfect. Since then, I have asked some people to check the wheels, but they couldn't figure out where they were repaired. Thanks to Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd for making this easy.

Spanish customers

The wheels looked as good as new, and when my wife returned home looking for damage, she couldn't even see where the scratches were. I recommend their wheel repair cnc machine to more friends, so that more people can know this machine.

New Zealand customers

I have seen wheel repair lathes on Google and Facebook. I made a call through their official website. The girl who answered the call was very friendly and helpful. She explained the machine in detail, and we got a better understanding through face-to-face video for the machine. After I purchased it, I received the machine soon, and I highly recommend them for any car wheel repair or finishing needs. Thank you very much for providing fast and quality service. I will definitely recommend them to anyone.

Italian customers

Crystal wheel repair machine is my good tool. It does a great job. Very professional and fast. The girls who are connected to the phone are great! Very attentive, and replying to the message is really fast! I will definitely recommend them in my business!

Indonesian customers

After receiving the machine, a new car of mine accidentally wiped it to the side of the road. Needless to say, I am sad because they are brand new. I was so dissatisfied with myself that I had to solve it. I turned on the machine to cut, then sprayed the paint, and it was repaired in about 30 minutes. Everyone asked me where the damage was, because they couldn't see anything. Thanks to this machine for making me have a nice day.

Wheel repair machine feedback from customers

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