Wheel repair machine customer James Choosing CRYSTAL brand is to choose to rest assured

But in fact, you only need to consider one aspect: the brand! Because it can achieve the brand, in addition to the above factors that the customer cares about, and there is a reputation that has won the praise of the users. CRYSTAL is the first successful brand in China to develop and produce . It has a market share of more than 85% of the entire wheel repair machine and a complete market network. In the United States, UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands and other countries set up exclusive agents responsible for pre-sales and after-sales services. As more and more wheel repair machine products serve the market, CRYSTAL was highly praised by more and more customers.

Here is a brand story of a Colombian customer who trusted our company for its brand effect and then won cooperation.

In September 2018, we received an inquiry letter from Mr. James Hardy, a purchasing manager of a company in Colombia, requesting a quote of four wheel repair machines. In the process of chatting with James, the company is a large-scale integrated company that designs, manufactures and repairs wheels. It has long-term business cooperation with car manufacturers such as COLMOTOR, SOFASA and 4S stores, it’s well-known in the local area. He knows that the CRYSTAL brand is due to the fact that our company's products have a large number of 4s shop customers in the Colombian car repair and maintenance market and many of these customer groups are also partners of them. More than 45% of the repaired and modified wheels come from other brands, which can only be repaired through 4S stores who has wheel repair machine. However, as a well-known company with a leading position in the local area, it is impossible to rely on cooperation with other 4S stores all the year round. After comparing several wheel repair machine brands,James resolutely chose CRYSTAL with a high brand awareness.

On January, when the New Year began in 2019, the company issued orders for four AWR28H wheel repair machines. At the request of the company, Taian Crystal Company customized a special body color for them. Due to the brand effect, the business of the two companies was closely linked, and a strong alliance was achieved.

Now, our wheel repair machine has been perfectly involved in the service of James’s company. When CRYSTAL conducts a product satisfaction survey, JAMES said: "When I chose CRYSTAL, I was interested in the local brand effect of CRYSTAL. Now it seems that choosing a good brand is justified. The brand effect is actually the best proof of professionalism and strength. Choosing a brand means choosing a peace of mind!"

Wheel repair machine customer James Choosing CRYSTAL brand is to choose to rest assured

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