Wheel repair machine care for every wheel in the name of love

Modern cities are full of traffic and wheel scratches are the easiest thing to happen in our daily driving. You can tell me that you have never hit a car, I believe! But if you tell me that you never scratched the wheel, I really don't believe it! Why do so many people like this car and sell so well? Let's see how the owner says?

I believe that many consumers buy a car for a certain type of wheel or a certain configuration of the wheel, right? So the question comes, what should I do if my favorite wheel is scratched? I really want to die! Take it to the 4S shop ? I believe that with the core idea of 4S shop, as long as it can be exchanged for resolute repair, in other words, ready more money. Is there any other way to solve this problem? Of course it is! In fact, many people only know that car paint scratches can be repaired and they don’t know that ordinary wheel scratches can also be repaired, so they often don’t know what to do after scraping the wheel. Some people choose to take it to a 4S shop for treatment. The cost is often relatively high, and even it is directly suggested that you change a new wheel. But in fact, the process of wheel repair is very simple, any repair shop can do a good job for you, not to talk nonsense, straight into the topic!

1.What scars can be repaired by wheel repair machine.

In fact, the scars on the surface of our wheels can be repaired, including some scratches and small bumps, which can be repaired. And after the repair is completed, there can be no trace left, and it will not affect our daily driving safety.

2.What scars cannot repaired ?

For example, there is no way to repair the crack on the surface of the wheel or the wheel has been completely broken. There is also a problem that the wheel has not cracked but has been deformed. Although this is rumored to be repairable, it is still recommended to everyone. In some cases, it is better to replace it with a new wheel, because even if it can be repaired, there are still great safety risks.

3.What need to do to repair the wheels ?

In fact, the way we repair the wheel at a outside common repair shop is the same. The main thing is to check the scars first. If there is no injury to the bones, the surface of the wheel can be polished. A curve on the surface of the wheel. When the curve is optimized using the optimization software, a curve close to the original wheel surface is obtained. The wheel repair machine can perform automatic cutting to achieve a bright wheel repair surface. Then spray a layer of paint on the surface, and repair the paint when it is dry. Wheel repair machine adopts linear guide rails and ball screws for precise control,The gantry structure can ensure perfect wheel repair effect from the center to the edge,Cast iron body, strong rigidity, avoiding the vibration texture caused by the wheel during the cutting process. The main servo motor can maintain strong torque at different speed. With Automatic tool holder and the tool and detection station conversion can be realized by CNC system, guide rail and screw are fully closed and protected to avoid precision damage caused by the entry of aluminum chips.

The first step is to clean the wheel inside and outside, so that we can easily check the scar. If there is no damage to the inside of the wheel or it is broken, it can be simply repaired. Use paint thinner to wipe around the scar to remove dirt.

Sand the scar in the second step, then add filler and sand again. The wheel repair machine is used to repair the polished wheel surface. If the deepest part of the scratch is difficult to remove, you can use a toothpick to clean it thoroughly.

The third step is to prevent irrelevant parts from being painted by mistake, and it is best to stick adhesive tape around the wound carefully.

The fourth step is to spray paint to cover the scars. In order to make the paint dry faster, we can also use the drying method. At this time, an oven is needed to dry the painted wheels.

First, we're done. In just four simple steps, a brand new wheel will appear before our eyes. If you don't tell me this is a scratched wheel, I really can't see it. Little friends, do you know? If you know it, hurry up and repair the worn out wheels on your car.

Some people may not pay attention to these scratches and think that the aesthetics are affected. I think the issue to be concerned is whether scraping will affect the life of the wheel hub and driving safety. Scratches left after scraping may cause the wheel to oxidize, causing the paint on the wheel to fall off, which will affect the life of the wheel over time, so wheel repair has its meaning. wheel repair machine can make your damaged wheels to restore to original condition. With high efficient, it can repair more wheels in the shortest time. You can use the precious time to do more meaningful things.

Wheel repair machine care for every wheel in the name of love

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