Wheel repair machine can realize different repair effects

Wheel, as one of the important parts of the car, the automobile wheel is inevitably scratched during normal driving, so the maintenance and repair of the wheel is very important for the car owner. If you are running a wheel repair shop, your different customers have different pursuits for the repair effect of the wheel. In the face of different pursuits of customers, what kind of repair effect do you want to use the wheel repair machine to make the customer more satisfied with your service?

Here are two customers from different countries I met who had the same problem with repair effects:

Australian customer Q: I am from a car repair shop in Sydney, Australia. I have been in this industry for three years. Now I want to buy a wheel repair lathe to expand my service. I want to know if your wheel repair lathe can achieve mirror effect or not. If the surface of the wheel is partially damaged, Can it be partially repaired?

A: Hello, I’m very happy that you are interested in our wheel repair machine. Our company is the originator of wheel repair lathe. We are engaged in wheel repair lathe industry for many years and has professional wheel repair technology. We have continuously upgraded and improved the rim repair machine and independently developed optimization software. The optimization curve optimizes the detection curve to obtain a perfect cutting program, adjust the feed parameters of the two axes of the machine, and control the moving speed of the two axes to achieve the mirror effect. If the surface of your wheel is partially damaged, don't worry that our machine can repair it. First of all, we recommend comprehensive repair to achieve the overall perfect repair effect; of course, if you only want to repair the damaged place, the local detection curve can be processed by the optimization software in the control panel for local deepening cutting, and perfect repair effect can also be achieved.

Chilean customer Q: I now have a lathe that has been used for a long time, and now I plan to buy one more. I see that your machine can repair different types of wheels. We have encountered many owners who use deep-disc wheels. Can your wheel repair lathe repair deep-disc wheels? Can your machine achieve different density drawing effects?

A: Our wheel repair lathe can repair the wheels of the deep discs without any problems. For deeper wheels, special probes can be used for probing, and the wheel can be cut by lengthening the tool for perfect repair. By adjusting the feed parameter settings of the machine and adjusting the distance between the knives, it is possible to achieve different density drawing effects.

Taian Crystal's wheel repair lathe adopts self-developed optimization software. By adjusting the parameter settings, make the wheel surface achieve rainbow line, mirror and other various repairing effects. If you want to improve your service level and meet your customers' needs for different wheel repairs, why not choose the Crystal wheel repair machine?

Wheel repair machine can realize different repair effects

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