Wheel repair machine can help your damaged wheels

The damage rate of wheel is still very high during daily driving. Almost each car owner will have some scratch within 1-2 years.

When the wheel is slightly damaged, the cost of replacing the new one is very high. The wheel repair effect is obvious and its price is reasonable, so wheel repairing is good choice. What are the damages to car wheel?

Generally, the damage of aluminum alloy wheel is basically caused by external force, and can be roughly divided into three types.

1. Surface damage, mainly wheel surface abrasion and scratch.

How to repair surface damage? Surface damage does not affect force structure of original wheel basically, also has little effect on the reliability and safety of wheel. The repairing only deals with the surface. Diamond cutting wheel repair CNC machine is best for surface repair. Taian Crystal wheel repair machine are designed for repair and refurbish alloy wheel, be applied to wheel full surface. The machine is more efficient and very easy to operate. Operator don’t need to learn complicated programme. The machine can keep wheel original shape and can cut different finishing result as your requirement, mirror, texture and rainbow line.


High performance CNC system

High precision servo motors

Simple optimization software

4 station insert turret

Special 3 steps claw

Special chuck

Lighting system

Cooling system

Auto-lubrication system

Many customers are worry for machine operation and warranty. It is not necessary to worry this problem if you buy machine from Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd. Taian Crystal will supply training in workshop until mastered. The machine has two years warranty and technical support throughout lift. Technician can also be arranged to provide on-site service.

Taian Crystal also have cooperation agent in United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Australia and other countries. Better local service can be provided, and oversea services are efficient, fast and worry-free after sale.

2. Deformation of wheel, as the name suggests, is that the wheel is deformed, bent, and out of circle under external force. Wheel deformation or bend is serious damage. For this damage, general procedure: deformation position detection, heating, correction, completion. Wheel straightening machine is suggested, it will be high-efficiency.

3. Fracture damage, wheel will have break and gaps in different degree after strong impact. If the wheel fracture, it is not suggested to repair again. Wheel is important part for car, it will influence driving safety. So that’s better to change new one directly.

If you are also interested in wheel repair, please feel free to contact me and we would discuss details.

Wheel repair machine can help your damaged wheels

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