Wheel repair machine came into being with the development of auto wheels

The first steel wheels are completely naked, they look very heavy and simple, and they look a bit ugly. Later, people who want beautiful wheels invented a thing called a hub cover, which is generally made of plastic and covered on the outer layer of the steel hub, which played a certain role in beautification. After World War II, aluminum alloy wheels with light, beautiful appearance and good heat dissipation began to be used and popularized in automobiles. In the 1980s, extremely slender mesh wheels were popular for a while, and in the 1990s, wheels with three-dimensional shapes began to emerge. Up to now, aluminum alloy wheels have become lighter and more beautiful. Especially for some sports cars and modified wheels, the spokes are simple and powerful, the rims are exquisite and beautiful, and they are very "skinny", revealing a cold and sporty atmosphere (the electroplated chrome metal will produce very "dazzling" Cold light).

Five advantages of aluminum wheels.

In the current market, automobile wheels are roughly divided into aluminum wheels and steel wheels. Generally speaking, the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are far greater than those of steel wheels, and it is the direction of development. With the development of the automobile industry, steel wheels will gradually be replaced by aluminum alloy wheels.Aluminum alloy wheels and wheel repair machine are the best partners.

1. Fuel saving: On average, each aluminum alloy wheel is 2kg lighter than steel wheels of the same size. According to Japanese experiments, every 1kg reduction in the weight of a 5-seater car will save about 20L of gasoline a year. The research report of the American Society of Automotive Engineers pointed out that although aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than ordinary steel wheels, the fuel savings can be enough to cover the cost when each car runs for 20,000 kilometers.

2. Good heat dissipation: The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 3 times that of steel. When driving at high speed for long distances, it can keep the tires at an appropriate temperature, so that the brake drum and tires are not easy to age, increase the life span, and reduce the chance of tire blowouts.

3. Good roundness: the accuracy is up to 0.05mm, the running balance is good, and it is suitable for high-speed driving.

4. Rugged and durable: the impact resistance, tensile strength and heat resistance of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than steel wheels. This is also one of the reasons why aluminum alloy plays an important role in the defense industry and aviation industry.

5. Aesthetics: due to production constraints, general steel wheels are monotonous and rigid, lacking changes; aluminum alloy wheels have a variety of designs, plus gloss and color effects, which enhance to (https://bit.ly/)solve this problem.

Taian CRYSTAL can provide you a whole wheel repair solution.

Wheel repair machine came into being with the development of auto wheels

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