Wheel repair machine brings you infinite possibilities

When we talk about our cars, one element that needs constant attention is the wheels.

While ensuring car safety, helping wheels to drive is one of the most important elements of a car. Although there are many types of wheels, the two main ones have caused debate among car enthusiasts, but which one is better? You should know what problems these tires may encounter?

There are steel wheel and alloy wheels. Although the debate about alloy and steel wheels continues, there is no clear winner, and preferences are often personal. If you are buying a new car, aluminum alloy wheels are more common. The material can achieve a variety of different finishes, better customization, and lighter weight helps improve performance. In fact, it is said that lighter aluminum alloy wheels can provide better handling, acceleration and performance. However, they may cause low-profile tires to lack cushioning and cause damage if they hit potholes or curbs.

At the same time, the steel wheels are significantly stronger, providing more cushion for any bumps you encounter-sometimes providing a smoother ride. However, heavy materials increase the weight of the car, affecting acceleration and agility, while lowering the center of gravity of the car-making it feel heavier when driving.

In summary, if any wheel is hit hard enough, the wheel may be damaged, and if you are not careful, the car will be damaged. Below, you will find many problems, if the wheels are not properly cared for, whether they are alloy or steel, it will affect your wheels.

If your wheels are damaged, how do want to repair it?

Painted wheels, painted aluminum alloy wheels are definitely a simpler solution. You choose the color and spray it on the surface of the wheel. This is any color you want-gone are the days when gray and black were the only options. They are durable enough to withstand your daily driving. But when the day comes when you peel off the paint, just a simple spray will get you running again. So, what disadvantage of painted wheel? Painted wheels will not turn their heads like machined wheels. Once the paint comes off the wheel, it is vulnerable and unprotected. Therefore, even if you buy painted wheels as a stronger option, you still need to be very vigilant about the condition of the paint.

Machined wheels by wheel repair machine can achieve goals that cannot be achieved with conventional painted wheels. When the machine gently removes the thin layer from the wheel surface, rotate the wheel surface. This will expose a smooth, shiny and consistent metal surface. Moreover, if the wheel is painted in advance, it can leave a clever "paint in a pocket" appearance-the remaining surface is a pattern of bare raw metal and remaining paint. Wheel damage can greatly eliminate vehicle maintenance requirements. From scratches to scratches and cracks, the unfortunate appearance can also lead to expensive repair work.

Fortunately, Taian Crystal has been perfecting our technology to meet the growing demand for high-quality wheel repairs and rim repairs.

Our diamond cut wheel repair machine can repair all kinds of wheel and rim damage-from peeling clear coating and damaged rims to bent and scratched wheels and our wheel repair CNC lathe can restore many types of wheels to their original condition. And Taian Crystal will supply complete wheel repair machine solution for you which may include tire changer, wheel straightening machine, polishing machine and wheel oven to ensure that the repaired wheel matches all other wheels on the car.

Wheel repair machine brings you infinite possibilities

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