Wheel repair machine and wheel maintenance

If you have invested in a set of alloy wheels for your car, the chances are that you’ll want to keep them in excellent condition, as this will help maintain the look and residual value of your motor. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, scuffed alloys and kerbed alloy wheels are an all too common occurrence. So at this time, you need alloy wheel repair machine and related service.

So what’s the process?

1. Professional staffs begin by cleaning the alloy, to remove all traces of grime and dirt. This will reveal the full extent of the damage and scratches to be repaired.

2. Then dry the alloy wheel and mask off the tire. This is to protect it during the repair process.

3. Next, gently rub the damaged area before applying a filler to the scratches and scuffs. Once cured, this is sanded again, ready for primer and paint application. The technician will colour match the alloy wheel with the correct paint. The paint is then sprayed over the damaged area and blended into the original wheel. This, in turn, is then lacquered to a high gloss finish, cured and polished.

In addition to the above wheel repairs, wheel maintenance is also very important. Modern wheels enhance your car’s appearance and performance but there’s a catch. You must take extra care if you want them to stay looking good.Then, what aspects should be paid attention to in wheel maintenance?

1. Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is one of the most overlooked services that you should have done to your car. It compensates for uneven wear, imperfection in your tires or rims and other minor damage that could occur to your wheels.

2. Tire Replacement

Tire replacement is often not taken seriously. They do this because they mistakenly believe that their tires are still available. Be sure to check your tires regularly. If there are any problems, please replace them in time.

Most importantly, if you live in a harsh winter climate, where chemicals and road salts are used to de-ice, increased regular cleaning is critical to the life of your wheels. If you want your wheels to last a long time, or do not need to be repaired, you must do some careful handling of them. This means that you should clean the wheels every 4-8 weeks. Brake dust, road salt, dirt, etc. can be baked into the wheel coating because the wheels are heated and cooled when you drive your car. Once these contaminants enter the wheel, the alloy underneath the coating is more likely to begin to corrode, and when cleaning the hub, scratching the wheel surface and damaging the wheel luster is inevitable.

Finally, we need to remind everyone that you must consult a professional when making a wheel repair. Keep in mind that preventive maintenance remains your best ally as regards to maintaining your car. We believe that your wheels will remain at their best after your regular maintenance and repair!

Wheel repair machine and wheel maintenance

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