Wheel prospects with wheel repair machine

With the development of society, the automobile industry will be one of the largest and most important industries in the world. The automobile industry chain involves almost all sectors of the national economy. Its development has a huge radiation and pulling effect on the upstream and downstream industries. As the upstream of the auto industry, auto parts are necessary factors to support the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry. As the output value of the global auto parts manufacturing industry continues to increase, the automotive aluminum wheel industry will also benefit significantly. In 2012, the global production of aluminum wheels was 256 million, an increase of 13.78% over the 225 million in 2011, which is the largest growth rate in recent years. In 2017, the global automotive aluminum wheel production was approximately 344 million, a year-on-year increase of 5.28%; According to estimates by the Institute of Foresight Industry,, the global production of automotive aluminum wheels is expected to reach 364 million in 2018. The extensive use of aluminum wheel is one of the main trends in the automotive industry.

With the rapid development of the automotive industry around the world, wheels, as key components in automobiles, have received more and more attention to their manufacturing technology. The traditional steel wheel has been replaced by aluminum alloy wheel step by step. In order to make the aluminum wheel more beautiful, the surface treatment is generally used chrome plating, polishing, spray paint, powder spraying, stainless steel or plastic wheel cap, die casting pattern, improve the wheel design pattern. Coating is the last process of the production of aluminum wheel, its purpose is to improve the corrosion resistance and beauty of aluminum wheel, in order to ensure the quality of coating, the production site requirements clean. The appearance style of aluminum wheel is coating, wheel frame car bright surface coated with transparent paint, polishing coated with transparent paint, electroplating, etc. Due to the impact of electroplating process on environmental protection, the application amount is decreasing step by step, coating gradually become the dominant process.

The first visual impression are the wheel appearance and tire pattern. It is this seemingly careless place that can accurately reveal the taste of the owner. Compared with steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels reduce the proportion by 1/3, light weight, fast heat dissipation, good shock absorption performance, long tire life and other advantages, combined with safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, colorful patterns, accurate dimensions, good balance, easy manufacturing, the comprehensive advantages are very obvious, and can be applied to various grades of cars. In addition, with the increasing maturity of the upstream material electrolytic aluminum production technology, the purchase price of aluminum has also been recognized by car manufacturers, which has also laid a good foundation for the promotion and application of aluminum alloy wheels in the automotive industry. In practical applications, because aluminum is a lively metal, it is susceptible to corrosion in the general atmospheric environment, and the aluminum is relatively soft and low in hardness. It is susceptible to mechanical damage during processing and molding, causing surface defects such as scratches and abrasion. The existence of these defects not only affects the surface flatness and surface brightness, but also affects its chemical stability, especially the surface defects are prone to corrosion. In order to eliminate these surface defects during processing, it is usually necessary to perform appropriate surface treatments on alloy wheels. According to preliminary estimates, surface treatment costs account for about 30% -40% of the manufacturing cost of alloy wheels. Therefore, the surface treatment process is a key technology in the production and repair of alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels have won due to their comprehensive performance advantages such as good balance, high fatigue strength, good stiffness, elasticity, high accuracy in size and shape, and light weight, especially in terms of safety, comfort and light weight. Favored by the market, it is widely used in passenger cars. With the continuous escalation of the pursuit of individuation and beauty, people have now focused their attention on the most dynamic part of the car, the wheel. In addition to the original features, the appearance of flash, dazzling, and bright have become another important measure of the wheel. Therefore, personal customization is becoming more and more popular, and the customization of car wheels has become a fashion. The machining of automobile wheels can achieve different wheel surface effects according to customer needs. Therefore, the future trend of wheels will be lean and private.

If you are the owner of a wheel repair shop, then you will find that your customers attach great importance to the beauty of the wheels while paying attention to quality. So how to make your wheels beautiful and safe while saving the cost of replacement? wheel repair machine are your inevitable choice.

Now car ownership per person is getting higher and higher, but once the wheel is damaged, if there are serious conditions such as deformation, breakage, gaps, etc., there will be air leakage and body shake, which will affect driving safety. The wheel is damaged. The biggest feeling of the owner may be that the car will shake when driving, and it will be tired when driving and not safe. At this time, the wheel repair is imperative! CNC wheel repair lathes have a huge effect on the service life of automotive wheels. After the wheel refurbished, a protective film will be formed on the surface layer, and it is not easy to adhere to grease, dust and other oxides, which can greatly increase the life of the wheel.

The wheel of a car is closely related to the safety of driving, because the vehicle will inevitably be exposed to wind and sun during driving. Acid rain, high temperature, severe cold, dirt, etc. will corrode and oxidize the wheel. If it is not maintained for a long time, It will cause the wheels to rust, and it will also accelerate its aging and deformation. There are countless vehicles that have accidents due to this reason, all of which are caused by ordinary negligence and threaten life.

Wheel repair is more environmentally friendly. At present, environmental protection is a topic that everyone concerned. Then we have to say that wheel rust, oil and other pollutants are a source of pollution to the atmosphere. The pollution of automobiles to the air is unavoidable. We can reduce it as much as possible. Not only for the atmospheric environment, but also for the health of the owner.

People rely on clothing, and Buddha depends on gold. The same wheels also need to be neat. The good image of a car owner is not only related to his clothing, but the neatness of the vehicle is also essential, and the wheel is the top priority.

Wheel prospects with wheel repair machine

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