What you need to know before repairing your wheels use wheel repair machine

Many people will equip their cars with a set of alloy wheels. Due to various accidents, the wheel will also be damaged in case of collision, road turbulence and other situations. In this case, most people will consider changing the wheel, but it is very expensive. Crystal wheel repair machine is equipped with the latest technology and excellent quality, which can repair your damaged wheel, restore your rim to a new state, and ensure that your wheel looks best.

What to know before repairing the wheel?

Repairing the wheel can be challenging. First of all, learn about the tire and rim information. In addition, you should be familiar with your own vehicle, and this information can help you determine what you need before you repair the rim, such as the size.

If you want to know is the damaged wheel worth repairing, the answer to this question is very difficult because it mainly depends on the damage degree of the wheel. First, you need to find a reliable repair shop that will help you decide if it can be repaired and tell you the cost. That way you can judge what's the best deal. The light weight of the aluminum alloy wheel material means that it is relatively easy to be damaged, for example, when parking and on the roadside, the edge of the wheel may be dented and rubbed. These simple scratches can be completely renovated by using the wheel repair lathe, and the price is cheap. However, how to repair the severely damaged wheel? All you have to do is straighten the wheels and then refurbish them. However, let's remember that smaller repairs to aluminum alloy wheels do not require structural intervention. This step will have a huge impact on the mechanical strength of the rim, which is very important in the further use process. Some cracks in the material can not be seen by the naked eye - they appear in the interior, and their existence can only be shown under the strong force, and the serious damage to the rim should be replaced with a new one.

What rules should be followed when repairing the wheel?

Quality is the first priority. It is necessary to select a company with professional wheel repair equipment, especially manual machines, and experienced maintenance experts. Ordinary manual lathe can't repair the damaged wheel professionally. Repairing the wheel with the wrong tools and skills usually causes more problems than buying a new wheel, or the rough repair effect can only be maintained for a short time. Keep in mind that improper wheel repair is also a great threat and can reduce the safety when driving a car. Our wheel repair lathe can restore the original shape and luster of the wheel with the minimum cutting amount, which can not only ensure the safety but also achieve different cutting effects to meet the different needs of customers. Professionals estimate that these repairs account for about 90% of wheel repairs. It turns out that they get scratched when they come into contact with holes in the road. CRYSTAL wheel repair machine can be repaired without heat treatment. Remove any cracks or cavities by welding. The type of damage to alloy wheel mainly depends on the type of alloy. Of course, this kind of rim can also be repaired - the cost of this service alone will be higher. Aluminum rims can be repaired by straightening, welding and turning, and after any repair, they can also be painted as required.

It should also be remembered not to force and persuade professionals to repair unsuitable rims. Too much damage to the rim will not return to its condition. Interference with the wheel structure by heat treatment, for example, significantly reduces the durability of the wheel, thus increasing the risk of rim damage. Professionals are completely discouraged from cheap rim repairs because the alloy used to make them is of poor quality. Products of poor quality after repair (which will be an additional burden on the structure) may not be able to withstand the pressure that will affect the product after removing the damage.

How do you maintain the wheel? The frequency of wheel damage is very high, but we can take some measures to reduce this damage. Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the wheel is the first choice to avoid the collision and friction of the wheel on the roadside stone. In addition, special attention should be paid to holes filled with puddles - they are best bypassed. You should not only make sure that the rims are not damaged, but also maintain the tires and the suspension of the car.

Choose a professional repair shop with wheel repair lathe. Of course, you always want to ensure that the rim repair shop you consult has rich experience in this field. It may be wise to choose a shop with professional wheel repair machine. They will make a comprehensive diagnosis of your wheel and put forward a reasonable maintenance plan. And professional maintenance machine can save you time. When repairing rims, you don't want to spend any time and money on stores that can't guarantee absolute quality products and services.

What you need to know before repairing your wheels use wheel repair machine

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