What is the wheel repair machine you need

As the skeleton of tire, wheel plays an important role in auto parts. There are more and more cars, and the driving environment is complicated and changeable. Small to scrape, big to traffic accident, wheel damage is also complex and diverse. For minor scratches, putty, grinding, repainting is not the best choice. With the replacement of diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine, wheel lathe repairing has become more and more popular.

If you are running a wheel repair shop and are considering raising your own wheel repair level, a wheel repair machine can be an option, but choosing the right wheel repair lathe will be a problem.

What do wheel repair lathes look like in different countries? Every factory that makes lathes can make different kinds of wheel lathes with different operations, and even at different prices, by modifying them. But as can be seen from the current survey results, the current wheel lathes are generally divided into CNC wheel lathes and intelligent PC wheel lathes.

CNC wheel lathe is based on the development of CNC lathe can do the wheel detection and repair of lathes. This kind of CNC wheel lathe basically realizes the automatic detection and repair of wheel lathe. Its advantages are powerful function and high stability. But the CNC version of the wheel lathe also has some shortcomings, that is, the operation of the CNC system is relatively complex. And there are some limitations to the curve handling of wheel probes, so we've been looking for the simplest operating system possible.

The vertical wheel repair machine AWR902VP, which was newly developed by our company in 2020, is a new type of diamond cutting wheel repair lathe. In terms of design, it breaks away from the horizontal machine tool structure and adopts the structure of vertical lathe. However, it is different from the vertical lathe in other countries in the world. It uses the wheel lathe controller made by industrial PC to realize the most simplified wheel lathe operation. There are no redundant buttons and operations in the system, and the automation of many operations and wheel lathe parts is realized, which greatly saves the customer's learning cost and operation time cost, improves the efficiency of repair, and thus improves the benefits of wheel repair.

Another bright spot of the new wheel lathe is its higher degree of automation. The first industrial revolution in automation was an unwavering pursuit of mankind. Our integrated operating system does not have redundant keys and steps, using the most direct and simple operation design;

Through the above analysis, we still feel that the latest PC version of wheel lathe is the best choice for wheel repair shop or auto 4S shop. But only through the controller to select the wheel lathe finish is not enough, on the market at present is very much on the wheel lathe manufacturing, hard to avoid can form peer competition, and some manufacturers will be through reduced configuration, use different accessories to reduce costs, for the performance and life of wheel lathe are affected, and belongs to high precision mechanical wheel lathe, so at the time of purchase wheel lathe must put the budget in the second, the product in the first place.

The PC wheel lathe we are currently producing has received any of our customers, and we hope that we will have more products in the future to make the hub repair industry better.

What is the wheel repair machine you need

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