What features that diamond cutting wheel repair machine should have

For car owners, the surface of their car is the face of themselves. No one likes dirty and ugly things. If the car body covered by dust, we can wash it. But when facing with the cracks, scratches, ageing marks on the alloy wheels. We need to find a professional solution. With the development of car care and repair, wheel repair and refurbishment shops are now everywhere. People go to these shops to get their wheels repaired, refurbished, and customized according to their own personality and attitude. I saw muscle man paint their car with pink, and even the wheel surface. So it is the way to describe themselves.

The competition in wheel repair field are now getting fierce as wheel repair technologies are getting mature. How to attract more customer and get a high level service for them became the problem of wheel repair shops. Diamond cutting wheel repair machine as a main part of wheel repair process plays an unique role. That’s why many owners of wheel shops want to know how to select a best wheel repair machine.

As a manufacture of wheel repair equipment, here are 3 tips for you when choosing a diamond cutting wheel repair machine.

1. Stable. That not only means it is stable when stand on the ground, also means its structure is stable while doing cutting. This is the first and most important feature. You may curious to know what kind of design for this machine is stable? First, the weight of the machine. It should be heavy enough, so when doing diamond cutting the body won’t shake and make vibration. We have saw many customers looking for smaller and cheaper machine, and they finally deprecated those kind of machines. Small body saves a lot of space, but also it abandoned the stability. We also saw some vertical wheel repair machine use composite structure like alloy module, and the cutting is shit. For person who has knowledge about CNC machine, knows that gantry structure and Iron body is the reliable method to ensure the stability and rigidity. Thus can make sure when the cutter forced on the surface of the wheel, there will be no deviation and shake. To make sure every time the cutter moves just be well with the G code’s command. To make sure the cutting is smooth and even.

2. Revivification. Alloy wheels are designed with mechanics, physics and aesthetics. When a diamond cutting wheel repair machine is repairing an alloy wheel, we suggest to restore to their original shape and appearance. Nowadays, we saw some machine can do auto optimization, laser detection. But the fact is that, laser detection can shorten the time of detecting the wheel’s surface, but it is easily affected by the light and cause deformation. That means the detected curve of the wheel surface is different with your wheel. Some auto detection machine didn’t installed with optimization software, so when doing cutting, it may change the shape of the wheel surface. Because you can not change the curve of the wheel surface that you detected by hand. Our machine now all using contact type detection, it is more reliable and you can do manual delete and change. Also, our machine can do auto optimization and manual optimization. You can choose the mode according the shape and condition of the wheels.

3. Easy operation. Wheel repair shops owners usually don’t have much knowledge about CNC lathe, programming etc.. Thus, the machine must be highly automatic and easy to learn. Windows, Android now bring us a lot of convenient. We do a lot of things just by fingers’ movement or few touch. We can see a lot of wheel repair machine in market now using Windows and touchable panel. That helps the users to learn fast. There are also other designs to make wheel repair machine human-friendly. Such as auto calculating, auto door, auto running etc..

When choosing a wheel repair machine, if you have considered the 3 above suggestions, I am sure you can find a good machine.

What features that diamond cutting wheel repair machine should have

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