We put craftsmanship into every wheel repair machine

Why are alloy wheels so important?

Alloy wheels were initially popular in motor sports. Performance is the key industry driving force. Alloy wheels are made of a mixture of metals or other elements. Generally, in the 1960s, alloy wheels were made by combining magnesium with other materials, hence the name "Mags". With the advancement of technology for decades, aluminum alloy casting technology has been developed, and now it can provide performance equivalent to magnesium alloy at a more affordable price. So now, you can have high-performance alloy wheels. They do have many key advantages beyond the obvious appearance appeal. They last longer, look better, and help your car perform better on all important performance indicators.

In view of these advantages of alloy wheels, wheel repair machine came into being.

From design to use, to service, every detail of crystal machine is the best.

Now we take AlWR902VP as an example, our newest design vertical wheel repair machine.

Broadly speaking, vertical alloy wheel repair machine adopts diamond cutting and finishing equipment to repair damaged wheel surfaces. Repair removes a small amount of material from the surface of the wheel, revealing new clean shiny material. Our wheel repair lathe tools are diamond tips. The intelligent integrated PC controller, automatic tool holder and protective door make the operation easier and save time and cost. It uses a high-precision probe system to obtain the surface program of the grinding wheel, you will get the perfect diamond cutting effect, at the same time, a smaller floor space, a larger cutting size, and a human-machine friendly design will help you to save more labor cost.

From the internal details and structure, the machine is equipped with self-developed digital control wheel repair software. The control system integrates all the functions of wheel curve detection, curve optimization or manual partial modification, wheel repair and cutting. And uses a touch screen industrial computer, which is easy to operate and easy to learn. Gantry structure, cast iron bed (including X-axis beam): The structure of the machine and the materials used ensure the stability and rigidity of the overall structure of the fuselage, so that the wheel will not appear chattering when cutting and repairing. The structural design of the independent spindle box greatly enhances the rigidity and load-carrying capacity of the spindle.

The key components of the transmission system: X/Z axis adopts linear guide rail and precision ball screw, X/Z two axis transmission and spindle speed control, all adopt digital servo control system, which fully guarantee the precise control of the collection of the wheel shape and the repair and cutting of the wheel.

All in all, in terms of machine design, we have considered every detail for you, so that you are handy, easy to operate, and accurately cut during the use of the machine, help you to easily achieve different cutting effects, such as mirror, rainbow, big line effect.

We put craftsmanship into every wheel repair machine

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