The structure and characteristics of wheel repair machine

In recent years, the installation of aluminum alloy wheels in automobiles has increased year by year. When new cars are sold, aluminum alloy wheels have almost become the standard configuration for customers. This article mainly introduces the wheel repair machine for detecting and repairing aluminum alloy wheels.

You may not have paid attention to automobile wheel repair machine before. After the wheel surface of high-end automobiles is scratched, you can use the wheel repair machine to cut the surface to remove the scratches, and then do other processes, such as wire drawing, polishing and painting.

The wheel repair cnc lathe independently developed and manufactured by our company has a built-in high-performance CNC system. The electric tool holder is equipped with customized diamond tools and ruby probes. The software has been optimized and upgraded many times, and can be applied to most wheel. The cutting amount is very small, which can restore the original curve of wheel to the greatest extent, and realize the rapid detection and repair of wheel. In addition, the machine is equipped with a multi-point touch screen electronic template, a newly upgraded operating system, capable of one-button operation, and the coordinate value can be recorded with a light touch of a finger, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and accuracy of wheel. It is easy to learn and easy to get started. And our company has not only vertical car wheel repair machines, but also horizontal wheel repair machines. There are also many models, and customers can choose according to their specific needs.

The automobile wheel repair machine of our company is a powerful, efficient and high-rigid horizontal CNC lathe specially used for turning the wheel. And it has ultra-high rigidity, particularly large spindle output torque, and particularly high metal removal ability and processing efficiency. It solves the problem of high matrix hardness, strong toughness, yield strength as high as 560-580MPa, and surface self-restraint after cutting. Material processing of the hardened layer. Automobile wheel hub machine tools can also be expanded with different configurations to recompose high-end CNC products, such as 4-station electric tool holders and enlarged six-jaw chucks.

Judging from the demand for wheel repair machine, they are currently mainly used for export. Our company's foreign markets have become larger and larger these years, with Europe, America and Africa being the main markets. And our overseas agents are all over the world. Welcome to learn about wheel repair machines!

The structure and characteristics of wheel repair machine

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