The steps to use a diamond cutting wheel repair machine

Wheel repair machine is for repairing alloy wheels. When the car has some small scratches, or changes the appearance of the wheel, we can use this wheel repair machine to repair it, which can make the wheel produce mirror surface, uniform lines, rainbow patterns and other effects. How to use this wheel repair machine correctly? Because this type of machine is a high-precision device, correct operation is very important.

Now, let me introduce it to you!

The steps to use a diamond cutting wheel repair machine

Take our company's vertical wheel repair machine AWR802VP as an example, this is a machine with rich functions and small size, which can take up little space. At the same time, it is equipped with a Forma wheel, which can be moved at any time. Auxiliary functions include: chip blowing function, monitoring function, lighting system, humanized electric safety door, etc. This machine is very popular with customer friends in the market.

Here are some instructions for using the machine:

Before starting the machine check whether the power supply is connected properly, install the cutter & probe to be used, adjust the level of the machine, and then start the machine for operation.

The first step is to set the cutter. It is necessary to calibrate the coordinates of the cutter and probe according to the operation method in the manual.

The second step is to install the wheel, click the detection interface on the operation interface, select the range you need to cut, and perform detection. The machine will automatically complete the detection.

The third part is to optimize the wheel curve. After the wheel detection is completed, a curve of the wheel will be generated. The machine can automatically optimize the curve and generate a new curve.

The steps to use a diamond cutting wheel repair machine

The fourth step is to cut the wheel. The machine will cut the wheel according to the optimized curve. You can set different parameters to produce different wheel effects. After the wheel is cut, other processes such as painting and baking are required.

If you are interested in this wheel repair machines, please contact us, we will share you with more knowledge about wheel repair.

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