The most trusted manufacturer of wheel repair machine

Don't wait for the car's alloy wheels to be damaged! If you check tires and alloy wheels frequently, you will be safe in the car. This also ensures that the tire has higher durability.

Today, most families own at least one car. If you do own a car, it is important to complete the wheel repair process frequently. Most car owners do not pay attention to the condition of the tires. When the car owner finally notices the wear of the wheel, the wheel usually needs to be replaced. To avoid this, make sure to repair your car and wheels frequently when needed.

The importance of wheel repair

It must be understood that wheel repair is very important, especially for your safety. Wheel repair is also indispensable to the durability and condition of the wheel. When the wheel quality is poor, the chance of an accident is higher. However, most car owners only pay attention to the wheels when they are severely damaged. It is important to always pay attention to your wheels. If you pay attention to your wheels as early as possible, you can let them fix minor problems. In this way, the cost will not increase.

If your aluminum wheels are damaged and start to become worn out, they can be repaired by professionals. If the wheel is worn on the curb or hit by something sharp enough to pierce the paint surface, damage usually occurs. In these cases, the damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration of the aluminum alloy under the topcoat.

Alloy wheel refurbishment usually starts with the complete removal of the paint coating, exposing the aluminum alloy underneath. This is usually done with a wheel repair machine, diamond cutting to remove surface coatings and scratches.

Once there is no protective paint coating at all, the alloy wheel repair technician will check the entire wheel for cracks and dents. If the wheel is broken, or there are dents in some areas of the rim, it may slowly leak, causing the tire to leak.

Cracks usually mean that the wheel cannot be used because they destroy the strength and integrity of the wheel. However, some dents can be repaired with special fillers containing aluminum powder, which after drying looks very similar to the aluminum alloy of the wheel. It is also strong enough that it can be ground and polished into the shape of a wheel. Once a new layer of paint is applied to the entire wheel, it will leave a shape indistinguishable from the actual metal of the wheel.

It is not difficult to see that in this process, the wheel repair machine plays a vital role. Taian Crystal has 21 years of production experience and a professional CNC team, which is a reliable choice.

The most trusted manufacturer of wheel repair machine

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