Our customers are all over the world. For example, we have our agents in Britain, France, Germany and other countries. There are also many customers in South Africa, Colombia, Australia and other countries. You must be wondering how we can have so many customers all over the world? Below, I use a small example to show you how we use excellent service to win the hearts of customers.

I have a Spanish customer named Pedro. He saw our machine from Facebook and was particularly interested in our wheel repair lathe. I added the customer’s whatsapp. We have been chatting in text form one afternoon. I have gone home from work, and the customer suddenly called and wanted to know more about the machine. As a foreign trade clerk, the customer is from all over the world, so whenever the customer finds you, you must reply as soon as possible. Customers, not to mention that the time difference between Spain and China is only six hours, so basically there is not much time difference pressure, so when a customer called, I immediately picked up the call.

Me:Hello, Pedro, how is everything going?

Pedro: I’m very good. Thanks a lot. And you?

Me:Fine, how can i help you?

Pedro:I have watched the video of the alloy wheel repair machine AWR902VP it’s really a wonderful machine, but i also have some questions about the machine, i hope you can explain the questions to me.

Me:Ok, Pedro, it’s my pleasure to help you, please tell me your questions.

Pedro:First, i have seen the video of the machine and the cutting effect is perfectly, could you tell me the advantages of your machine?

Me:Well, Pedro, i can explain it to you in details about the question. If we want to get the perfect effect, first, the alloy wheel repair machine must be with good quality, and our vertical alloy wheel repair machine has cast iron structure, and it’s more stable than many other machines and our machine is with high precision automatic detection system and automatic tool post all these designs make sure the machine can give you a wonderful wheel cutting effect.

Pedro:So professionally, i like your answer, and how about the training? If the training is complex?

Me:You don’t need to worry about that, as the machine is with high automatic, it’s very easy to operate. We have the detailed instruction and video, if necessary, we also can provide you with remote technical guidance.

Pedro:I am very satisfied with your answer, we will pace the order en two days.

Just when the order was about to be placed, the customer suddenly made another request. Although we have been communicating in English, since the customer’s mother tongue is Spanish, we prefer to have a Spanish version for the machine’s system language, otherwise the customer said It may not be possible to place an order, because except for his company who knows a little English, the other employees do not understand English at all. Out of the determination to win this customer, I reported to my manager to try and apply to see if I could change the system to Spanish. Unexpectedly, the manager agreed without saying anything, so I and a few Colleagues took the time to translate the English system into Spanish, and then gave the translated Spanish system to the technical department with a sense of anxiety to let them test whether it can be used. The exciting thing is that our translated Spanish The system was successfully applied to the machine. We were all very happy and quickly told the customer the news. The customer is also very happy and always says thank you for having such a good service. In fact, he asked several manufacturers, and there are machines whose prices are cheaper than ours, but our attitude of thinking about customers from the customer's point of view moved him. . The customer said that he was very satisfied with our service, and he would pay us the full amount the next day so that we can ship it as soon as possible. After the machine arrives, he will place an order for us again. Although we know that this is just a courtesy of customers, we are still very happy because our service and professionalism have given customers a good shopping experience.

We are always on the road to perfection. When you need to buy a wheel repair lathe, please choose crystal, our expertise will help your business flourish!


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