The most powerful wheel repair machine supplier Crystal

We have agents in many European countries, such as Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and other developed countries. The reason why we have agents in these places, the most important thing is the strength of our company. Our machines are of very good quality. They are basically wheel repair lathes designed and developed by our company’s technical team. Our diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machines have a very high degree of automation, which can realize automatic detection, automatic optimization, and automatic cutting, which greatly improves work efficiency and saves working hours, so many customers like our high-tech wheel repair machine.

Our machines have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and have been highly praised by customers. Customers in European countries attach great importance to the quality of the machine, our company has been engaged in the wheel repair industry for nearly ten years. Many customers have followed us from the very beginning and gradually developed into our agents. During this period, many suppliers have changed careers, and we have been doing alloy wheel repair machine.

Agent customers will order machines from our company in batches every year, therefore, the inventory strength is also one of the most important reasons why we can get the trust of so many customers.Just like our newly developed vertical wheel repair lathe machine AWR902VP this year, we have a large inventory, and we can still have sufficient inventory to sell to other customers under the guarantee of the agent’s order.

Some customers have very strict delivery deadlines, such as delivery within a week or within half a month, but according to our inventory strength, these things are not a problem. Like last month, A Polish customer wanted five vertical alloy wheel repair lathe machines, but he requested delivery within one week. When we knew this requirement, we felt a little difficult, because if they were assembled at the same time, the fastest five machines would cost 10 days to complete, but since we have promised the customer, we must deliver the product to the customer within a week. Finally, with the joint efforts of our colleagues in the workshop, we prepared the customer’s machine in just one week. The customer was very satisfied with our service and praised us. Although we completed the task in a short period of time, there was no sloppy inspection of the machine. For each machine, we have done a strict inspection to ensure that the machine can be used when it reaches the customer without problems.

Another important reason why we can get the trust of so many customers is our after-sales service. Many manufacturers shirk their responsibilities when there is a problem with the customers’ machine, and even ignore the customers’ problem, but our company have a complete after-sales service system. If you have any problems with your machine, you can contact us as soon as possible. You can take photos or videos and send them to us. Our technical department and after-sales department will do our best to help you solve them. Problems, so you have no worries.

Crystal as a pioneer of diamond cut wheel repair machine, we know that the high quality diamond cutting wheel repair lathe machine can make customers’ more trust and interested. And can achieve win-win cooperation, Crystal will be your best choice in your wheel repair business!

The most powerful wheel repair machine supplier Crystal

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