The most popular wheel repair machine

Alloy wheel scraping is a problem that many drivers are unable to avoid, such as roadside flower beds and stone foundations are invisible "killers", when doing side parking carelessly will leave a row of scratches on the wheel.

The scratch on the wheels is like an ink spot on the white paper, some owners will feel uncomfortable to look at it, what method can make the wheel to recover as before? In fact, you can go to the repair shop to repair the wheel. When I visited a customer, I saw a car owner repairing the wheels. These are the four wheels removed from the car. It can be seen that the wheels are very dirty, and there are many black rust marks on the wheels, which are actually stubborn stains gradually formed after the wheel hubs were scraped by wind, sun and rain. The driver had driven so carelessly that the long scratches on the wheel should have been caused by a violent scrape.

First to grind the surface scratch, scratch deeper need to use putty to fill, if is iron wheel requires before with atomic ash, a corrosion-resistant layer of paint on the putty grinding can be carried out on the wheel after spray paint, if the owner requires electrical wire drawing process, will use our professional diamond cutting wheel repair machine processing, can then spray varnish, finally carried out on the wheel polishing wax.

The following two wheels is the effect after the repair, first stated that this is not a new wheel. don't say I took the new wheel fool readers, wheel repair lathe technology for where we are today, wheel repair can really achieve this effect, we should not focus on the question, should think more after repair of wheel quality will be affected, the new spray paint and durable, color difference on issues such as gloss. This wheel has been brushed, and the brushed effect on the surface of the hub can be seen. Brushed treatment is not a repair, but it can reflect the texture of metal materials, suitable for car owners who pursue fashion and style.

I have looked at these four wheels carefully, and the effect just finished is really good. The scratches on the hubs have been repaired indeed, and the surface is very smooth. However, Whether they will change color over time is still unknown, but time will give me the answer.

Some people may not pay much attention to these scratches and think that it is just the aesthetics that is affected. In my opinion, the issue to be concerned is whether the scraping will affect the hub life and driving safety. Scratches left by the scraping may lead to hub oxidation, which may cause the hub's paint to fall off and affect the life of the hub over time, so hub repair has its significance. But it is very important to remind you that the hub repair choice of high quality wheel repair lathe, Crystal CNC wheel lathe AWR901VP is designed to adapt to the automotive wheel surface repair and development of CNC vertical lathe. The machine adopts gantry structure, automatic tool holder change, automatic protective door, independent development of PC control system, with high repair efficiency, is the first choice for the auto industry to repair wheels.

The most popular wheel repair machine

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