The best wheel repair machine to repair wheel scratch

What are the characteristics of the best wheel repair machine aiming at the good and bad different levels quality of the lathe in the market.

Wheel repair is an emerging industry, and wheel repair lathe is a project with huge development potential accompanied by emerging industry.

Personal, high-end, fashionable wheel is more and more popular with most of drivers, because of narrow road and other factors, more than 65% of the car appeared with scratch, such damage is very common.

The traditional wheel repair machine has shortcomings such as programming basis, complex operation, difficulty in getting started, single detection mode and poor repair accuracy. In comparison, what is the best lathe to repair wheel scratch? According to customer’s feedback, the best lathe should have the following characteristics.

1. First of all, the best lathe should have the advantages of high precision, fast cutting, strong stability, simple operation, no programming, reliable quality, clear drawing surface lines, high brightness. In addition, more energy saving, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, durability and other characteristics.

2. Besides, the best lathe should be based on windows system. Detection, optimization, cutting in one system. Touch screen, it is easier to learn and operate than CNC lathe machine, aims at people who have no basic knowledge of machine operation. With detailed training video and manual instructions, make the beginners can be learned in half a day.

3. Furthermore, the best lathe can fully save the space, it’s not over big or clumsy. And it can cut the largest size in a smallest space, applied to different kinds of wheel, achieving mirror finishing and different density textured finish.

4. In addition, the best lathe should carry out more user friendly design according to the customer's feedback, such as the pneumatic safety door to prevent accidental injury. Magnetic hand-wheel unit, can adsorb on any place of the lathe, easy to carry and use.

5. The last but not least, the cutting effect must be the best, this requires the lathe has a good body structure to ensure the good stability and high precision, Ensure that there is no vibration during the cutting, and avoid too fast speed to affect the cutting effect. Adopt exclusive customized diamond cutter to improve the accuracy.

According to all these features, PC vertical diamond cutting wheel repair lathe meets more people’s demand and more popular in the market. we have designed a new vertical PC wheel repair lathe, it can meet all the demands above all. Make the scratched wheel to achieve a new appearance by cutting minimum quantity. It is also can be customized according to your favorite color, Welcome to all customers inquiry.

If you have any interest about our machine, feel free to contact me, our company name is Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd.

The best wheel repair machine to repair wheel scratch

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