Straighten is necessary before using diamond cutting wheel repair machine

There are many doubts among those going to run a wheel repair shop.

1. What is the process to repair an alloy wheel?

We probably all know that the cleaning of coat and dust is important for wheel repair, but wheel straighten is more important than this. After years of service, the alloy wheels deformation usually occurs and the structure changed a lot. Before doing diamond cutting, you need to straighten or weld the alloy wheels. You need to make sure every symmetry part of the surface at the same level. We used to see some users use the wheel repair machine cut the wheel directly. Just image this: the cutter cut 0.1mm at this part, but cut 1.5mm at the opposite part. This has a great possibility to destroy the cutter while the suddenly force is too strong. The diamond cutting effect on wheel repair machine will be more desirable after well straightened.

2. What wheel straighten machine is available in Crystal?

Crystal wheel straightening machine ARS26 is specifically designed to repair wheel such as internal and external deformations, twists, out-of- roundness, dents, etc.This equipment is controlled by a simple operated hydraulic unit. It can locate the damaged part, and combined with heat treatment and artificial aging process. It will not destroy the molecular structure and mechanical properties of the alloy wheel. It can restore the wheel to its original state rapidly. ARS26 is equipped with step-less speed function, which makes the wheel offset checking, position marking, wheel straightening and lathe turning become more easier and efficient.


1, Install probe and magnetic table seat,to locate and check the deformation position and the offset distance by rotating wheel efficiently and accurately. The wheel can be quickly repaired.

2, Infinitely variable speed function.It makes the wheel's offset check,positioning mark, plastic repair,lathe turning become more easier and efficient.

3, The mobile automatic hydraulic cylinder is designed according to the ergonomic principles, positioning the damaged wheel and quickly repair the wheel. It is easy to learn and operate.

4, There are external holes in the piston head of the professional hydraulic cylinder, It can install various types of top blocks to repair the inside or outside of various damaged wheel.

5, Optional wheel polish function.After wheel repair,the wheel surface can be polished with a polishing cloth wheel to make wheel perfectly.

6, After repaired, use the lathe on the machine to cut the edge of the damaged wheel. It is easy to restore its roundness.

You can see this wheel straighten machine has a lot of advantages and the price is also reasonable. Crystal can provide you a whole solution for wheel repair. You can find ultrasonic cleaner, sand blasting machine, wheel straighten machine, diamond cutting wheel repair machine, wheel oven, coat gun etc.

Straighten is necessary before using diamond cutting wheel repair machine

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