Special fate made me and my wheel repair machine customer met in this wonderful spring

I am very happy today, do you know why? Because my best friend Ashley and her husband returned from America to visit relatives in China. I was so excited when I thought of seeing my sister who hadn't seen me for a long time. “Ding dong.” You hurt me, I call you, and will not be angry, this kind of close as a sister, simple good feeling, really let a person miss. After work, I drove straight to my friend ’s house, Ashley heard my knocking on the door, and ran out to open the door for me“Oh honey, you finally come, I miss you so much.” Then she gave me a big hug. Ashley’s husband with gold hair, blue eyes, wearing a black jacket and a pair of sneakers. Wow, he looks handsome. He can speak a little Chinese, and he greets me in his crappy Chinese,“Hello, nice to meet you”, then gave me a hug.

From the time we met, I felt like I had more to say. My friend invited me to stay at their house for dinner. Ashley's husband personally cooks for us to cook his best food. I sat on the sofa with Ashley and talked about what happened at work recently. William came out of the kitchen and heard our conversation,“Oh, my God. Do you make a wheel repair machine wheel repair machine? What does your wheel repair machine looks like? Can you show me your wheel repair machine? I have three wheel repair shops in the United States. In order to expand my business, I am planning to purchase such equipment. I am currently inspecting several suppliers in China“. I told William, “I can take you to visit our factory tomorrow, and you can see the operation and operation of the machine on site.” William was so excited that he raised his glass and cheered up.

William came to our wheel repair lathe factory and took a closer look at our machine. After a few minutes. He raised the first question, “Does your wheel repair machine detection system is laser detection?”

“Let me tell you how to choose the right detection system. Our wheel repair machine use a ruby detection system instead of laser detection.

Laser detector. This kind of detector looks very luxurious and high-grade from the outside, but it is not suitable for wheel repair, and the laser detector in the market has different quality and price, which is easy to affect the later use.

The precision of the laser displacement sensor will decrease as the luminescent element will decay and age with use. Due to laser diffusion, the visual diameter is about 1 mm. Due to its working principle, laser detection is only suitable for relatively smooth wheel detection, and its applicability will be severely reduced for complex wheel curves.

Ruby probe. Can avoid the weakness of needle detector and laser detector, high precision, wide range of application, and the world's other excellent Wheel repair machine manufacturers and shops (https://www.asashop.org/) have been using ruby contact probe.”

Hearing my explanation, William suddenly realized. He said, “Sometimes the supplier told him that laser detection is the best, but after you give me a systematic introduction, I understand it well now.” Seeing William happy look, we are also very happy.

William was very curious to observe every detail of the machine and made some marks on his notebook. William took his questions to learn more about our wheel repair machine and kept giving me thumbs up during this time. He praised that other cheap wheel repair machine really can't compare with this machine. After about 20 minutes, William sincerely asked, “I have the last question. Please explain it to me. “ “Of course, no problem.” I answered him firmly. “Does this machine be no problem for deep dish wheels ?” He asked me.

Deep disk wheels can be roughly divided into two types, one is the overall structure of the wheel, the other is the wheel spoke and rim can be separated. Different wheel structures require different repair methods. In principle, as long as the detection system of the wheel repair machine can detect normally, the diamond cutter can penetrate the inner part of the wheel and the wheel has no obstruction to the handle, it can be repaired normally.

If the vertical depth of the rim relative to the spokes is less than 60 mm, the normal detection of the wheel repair machine detection system can be guaranteed, and then the perfect repair can be made by selecting the appropriate diamond cutter. The front end of the hilt should not be obstructed by the wheel when selecting the tool, otherwise the hilt will damage the wheel. If the vertical depth is greater than 60 mm, the rim will hinder the probe detection, resulting in the failure of normal detection. Such wheels are difficult to repair, and can be repaired if you know how to program a CNC lathe.

It's really a special fate that will allow us to meet and even a good machine will facilitate this cooperation. In the end, he was very satisfied with our machine, which strengthened his confidence in buying the machine. I saw his uncontrollable excitement. At this time, he was whispering to his wife. After a while, he suddenly approached me, held my hand tightly, and said in less authentic Chinese, you are very good, I want to be friends with you. When I heard this, I suddenly realized, oh, the whisper he just said was learning Chinese to express my gratitude. It must be a special fate for us to meet. In order to express William ’s visit, we specially prepared his favorite red wine, so that William not only became our customer, we also became good friends.

Special fate made me and my wheel repair machine customer met in this wonderful spring

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