Repair tools for aluminum alloy wheels-CRYSTAL wheel repair machine

In the process of daily car use, the frequency of wheel scuffing and damage is still very high. Almost every car owner will experience wheel scuffing in one to two years. When the wheel hub is damaged, the cost of replacing a new wheel is too high. The use of CNC wheel repair machine has obvious repair effects and reasonable prices, which seems to be a good choice. In the view of CNC wheel repair lathe manufacturers, for those minor car wheel scratches, the owner can try to repair it by himself. If the inner side of the wheel is not damaged, it can be easily repaired.Generally, the damage of aluminum alloy wheels is basically caused by external forces. How to repair the scratches of aluminum alloy wheels with a wheel repair lathe? Let’s take crystal wheel repair lathe AWR901VP as an example. The repair steps are as follows:

1.We need to start the machine firstly, perform the tool setting program, and use the control system to set the cutting tool stroke appropriately.

2.Clamp the aluminum alloy wheel to be repaired to the chuck of the machine, and then close the protective door of the machine.

3.Execute the detection program, the machine is equipped with a ruby detection system, the probe will detect the surface of the wheel, and a detection curve will be displayed on the machine screen after the detection is completed.

4.The system will optimize the detected curve to obtain the curve that needs to be cut. The cutting depth can be selected as required, but the cutting depth cannot be changed during the cutting process.

6.After optimization, the system will control the tool to cut. The whole process will last 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the wheel.

When the above steps are completed, you will get a brand new wheel. This repair effect is more satisfying than other methods.The wheel repair lathe is a powerful helper for those engaged in the auto repair industry. It saves the trouble of frequently purchasing repair materials for ordinary repairs. Generally With the help of our Crystal repair machine, the wheel repair shop will no longer subcontract the repair work of aluminum alloy wheels, but will use our wheel repair lathe for repairs in order to get the greatest return from this lucrative wheel market. Crystal can provide all lathe buyers with comprehensive hands-on training, backup services and remote software support, and show customers how to start maximizing returns and taking advantage of this excellent potential source of income.

For a long time, we have many high-quality foreign customers who use our machines and put forward more reasonable suggestions for this. We will continue to develop to bring more users a better experience and create more value for them.

Repair tools for aluminum alloy wheels-CRYSTAL wheel repair machine

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