Professional wheel repair machine in China

Rims and tyres take a lot of punishment out on the road and are one of the most common parts of the car to suffer from damage. If you need quality repairs from wheel repair shop. You need to check if they have professional wheel repair machine. Because your wheels are expensive. Maybe you are worry the bad service and bad equipment will hurt your wheels again. So It is very important too see if the wheel repair shop is good.

Now you will wondering what is the professional wheel repair machine for your to choose.

First, you need to understand what is a wheel repair machine. Wheel repair machine is specially used to repair automobile aluminum alloy wheels after the lathe is transformed. The high precision and simple operability of the lathe can be used to cut and repair the surface of the hub and even other parts, so that the hub can be renewed by cutting out a small amount of material.

Second, you need to know what’s the type of the all wheel repair machine.

The CNC wheel repair lathe is a lathe developed based on the CNC lathe that can be used for wheel detection and repair. This kind of CNC wheel lathe basically realizes the automatic detection and repair of the wheel lathe. His advantages are powerful functions and high stability. We have now successfully developed a wheel repair lathe controller made by industrial PC, which has realized the simplest operation of the diamond cut wheel repair lathe. There are no redundant buttons and operations inside the system, and many operations and automatic operations of wheel hub lathe components are realized, which greatly saves customers' learning costs and operating time costs, improves the efficiency of repair, and can increase the benefits of wheel repair.

Third, What are the advantages of using a wheel repair machine to repair the wheels?

First of all, the wheel repair machine can change the diamond cutters on the surface of the alloy wheels by setting different parameters of the machine, and then the wheel repaired surface can have different effects. The thinner and tight cutters will have a mirror effect; the larger diamond cutters will have obvious cutters and rainbow patterns, which is very beautiful.

Secondly, the hub lathe only cuts less than 1mm of material, which will not affect the structure and safety of the wheels.

Finally, it is more convenient and faster to use a wheel lathe. Now our wheel hub lathes adopt intelligent control systems, which are simple, convenient and quick to operate. Moreover, the repaired wheels can choose not to be painted, which saves a lot of time.

I believe everyone has a relatively comprehensive understanding of wheel hub lathes, which have unique advantages for wheel hub repair. We are alloy wheel repair machine specialists in China. If you would like to find out more about our diamond cut and polished alloy wheel refurbishment service and the other services that we offer, please feel free to call us or leave message to us.

Professional wheel repair machine in China

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