Our wheel repair machine keeps your wheels safe for the summer

Hot hot hot hot!

A wave of heat struck when we were still immersed in the warm spring, the summer of more than 30 degrees came so unexpectedly. Summer is coming, but the Virus Won't Be Going. People start to drive normally, and the car wheels also need to be repaired and appear in a new look.

Car washing is often done by wiping the paint surface, but the wheel is a place that owners easily forget. It's not like a lacquered surface can be wiped off. After driving for a period of time, because of the principle of static electricity, the brake powder will be adsorbed on the wheels, It is even more terrible after mixing with the road's oil sludge.

Recommended maintenance cycle, once every 6 months.

In order to maintain the beauty of the vehicle, regular car washing is essential, but the standards and prices of car washing are different, and the effect of washing is also different. Generally, roadside shops are cheaper and less troublesome. They only wash the surface. You will still see that there are stains on many corners. Moreover, a place many car owners will ignore is the cleaning of alloy wheels.

Why is wheel cleaning important to car owners?

Improve safety performance while driving. There is an old saying: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." For a car, a safe journey begins under the "foot", where the "foot" includes the wheel. The wheels are in contact with the ground for a long time. In addition to the dirt, sand and other dirt attached to the ground when they are close to the ground, at the same time, the "brake" action that often needs to be done during the driving of the car will also cause the brake disc friction to appear dust, which will spill on the wheel and accumulate for a long time. It is easy to form rust spots that are difficult to remove, and accumulation of more will cause brake failure and bury hidden safety hazards. Therefore, timely and effective cleaning of the dust and foreign objects of the brake discs and brake calipers in the wheel will improve the safety performance of the car during driving.

Improve the overall appearance of the car. We know that people wear clean and neat clothes and pants. If the shoes are dirty, the overall impression will be greatly reduced. As an important part of the car, the wheel is an indispensable "foot". Even if the body, car glass, car interior and other parts are bright, the stains on the wheel will affect the overall appearance of the car. This indirectly affects the owner's taste . It can be said that when washing the car, cleaning the wheel and cleaning other parts of the car are equally important for improving the aesthetics of the car.

Can slow down the aging of automobile wheels. Whether the wheel cleaning is clean not only affects the appearance, but also has a great impact on the life of the wheel. Dirty wheels, whether made of iron or aluminum, will accelerate the aging of metal parts and affect the driving safety of the owner. Keeping the wheels clean and bright from time to time can slow down the aging of the car, reduce the occurrence of cracks in the wheels, and improve the anti-skid ability of the tires.

Of course, in addition to cleaning, the worn wheels must be properly processed by grinding, sawing, and sanding to make them flat and smooth. Only in this way can it be restored to its original, impeccable appearance.

Alloy wheels have many advantages- alloy wheels are harder than steel wheels, so allloy wheels have better stability at high speeds, are less susceptible to large deformations, and also improve the cooling performance of the brake disc. For many car users, alloy wheels are first and foremost an attractive car appearance. Those who attach great importance to vehicle aesthetics often notice that the rims lose their decorative performance over time. At this time, the best solution is to use Crystal wheel repair machine to repair the lathe and refurbish the aluminum wheels.

It is true that in some cases rim refurbishment can be much more expensive than buying a new rim. But in general, we assure you that the Crystal Wheel Repair Lathe can make your old rims look like new cars again at a much lower price. We can handle almost all rim damage. In our fully equipped modern workshop, we have CNC lathes, welding, paint boxes, dip paint, workbenches and other tools to make your rims look like new. In addition, we have professional employees who really understand what they are doing.

The small alloy wheel is the most easily overlooked place by the owner, is the safety of every passenger in the car! Safety is not a small matter, the small wheel is about safety, and friends of the owner should pay attention!

Our wheel repair machine keeps your wheels safe for the summer

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