Newly designed vertical wheel repair machine

Today, with the automobile industry developing rapidly, the auto repair industry has become a boom. In order to better meet the demands of different customers, we independently designed two vertical wheel repair machine, AWR901VP and AWR902VP.

The main advantages of these two models are the following:

First, from the overall appearance, our vertical wheel repair machine is very beautiful, the overall height of the machine fits most people perfectly. The total height of this machine is 1.86 meters, so the height fits the height of most men, the operation is very convenient, especially when you load and unload the wheel, Save more labor cost.

Second, the machine screen is a highlight. This is a system developed by ourselves, 17 inch Multi-touch industrial PC system, The screen supports touch operation, and you can also use the mouse or keyboard, just as easy as operating your Ipad. At same time, the optimization software is Crystal CNC-WheelCurve Software V2.0, detection, optimization, cutting in one system one time. Easy to learn and operate.

Besides, the keyboard holder is designed with 3 joints. The operator can freely adjust the height, angle and rotation of the keyboard according to his height.

Magnetic hand-wheel unit is user friendly design, it can be placed any place of the lathe, easy to carry and use. When you set tool or sensor, you can observe the chuck and wheel easily and conveniently.

Third, let’s introduce the internal structure of the machine. The tool post is automatic, sensor and the tool can be converted with one key. The linear guide adopt full protection, so that the wheel chips will not enter into the inside of the machine, which can reduce the maintenance of the machine, and greatly extend the service life of the machine.

Machine body adopts cast iron material, it is very heavy, many customers will ask what are the advantages of cast iron?

In fact, the cast iron biggest advantage is good stability, reduce vibration, high precision, and guarantee the perfect cutting effect, which is unsurpassed by ordinary alloy materials.

At last, the vertical machine has some improvements in details, adopts the arc door design, which makes the internal space and the volume get perfect optimization.

Beside,wheel chips groove is annular shape, it is convenient for wheel chip collection and cleaning, and convenient for maintenance.

Safety door design, safe and convenient. The safety door cannot be opened when the machine is rotating at high speed. This is protective for the operator.

At the same time, we have made a detailed explanation based on the frequently concerned issues of customers.

Q: If customer can’t operate this machine when they get it, so how about training service?

A: most customers will have this concern, this not need to worry, We will provide manual instructions and training video with the machine. And welcome to our company for free training. Besides we have many agents in different countries, you can get help easily, you also can contact us by the online video, we can help you to operate step by step. Even our engineer go to your country. So please don’t worry how to use it.

Q: If the machine has a problem, how to solve it?

A: If the machine is used correctly, no serious problems occur. Even if you have unclear, the machine has WIFI device and support the remote assistance, and any problems can contact with our company to solve.

Q: How many times does the wheel lathe need to be maintained in a year? What maintenance is needed?

A: We have "CNC wheel repair lathe maintenance manual", you can refer to the manual for maintenance

Q: There is time difference between China and other countries, if customer has problem, they can contact you at any time?

A: Yes, welcome to contact us at any time, we support 24 hour service, you can contact us by email, phone, video at any time.

Q: We see the machine is in red, Can customer choose other colors for the machine?

A: Yes, of course, we can customize the color as you want. Such as blue, green, orange and many colors as you like.

The information and question are most customers has asked us before, if you have any other questions or unclear, welcome to inquiry us at any time.

Taian Crystal will be your best reliable supplier.

Newly designed vertical wheel repair machine

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