New vertical wheel repair machine AWR902VP

Every day, thousands of alloy wheels will have different damages, such as cracks, encounter rubble, produce various spots. With the improvement of living standards, today's car owners and dealers are increasingly pursuing a cost-effective maintenance method to restore damaged wheels to their original appearance. Do you feel that the competition in the wheel repair service industry is more competitive? Under the situation that the wheel and wheel repair market continues to grow and develop, the survival of the fittest is an inevitable result. The era of repairing the wheels by traditional ways has passed.

AWR902VP uses mature designs such as gantry structure, cast iron bed, X/Z axis linear rail, precision ball screw, etc., and adjusted the positions of the Z-axis control motor and main motor, and at the same time, an independent head stock is installed. All of these make the new structure machine more satisfy the diversified market demand of different customers.

Our purpose build wheel repair machine incarcerates a user friendly multi-touch interface for simplified probing and cutting processes. With full digital optimization build directly into the interface, there is no need of a separated computer system to house the software, making this our best ALL IN ONE solution for repairing alloy wheels.

All right, let's get back to the topic. I will introduce our machine in detail.

You can look at the overall structure of this machine in the picture, I believe the first part that catches your eyes is this PC controller. This is what differentiates it from other models. The PC is based on Windows, so it is convenient to operate by touch screen and equipped with a wireless keyboard & mouse to meet the different operating habits. As you know, we need to optimize the wheel curve before repair it, and in this PC wheel repair machine, you can optimize the curve directly and improve the machining quality of the wheel surface, without the need of another computer to make a special optimization, can save a lot of work time. Do you know what the most frequently asked are? I never use such machines, how can i learn the machines? Is it easy to learn? Don't need to understand the complex programming process. The keyboard holder, it is designed with 3 joints. The operator can freely adjust the height, elevation, angle and rotation of the keyboard according to his height.

I know there are many small and cheap machines in the market. But do you know, the spindle speed is very high while repairing wheels, so if the machine weigh is light, it will shake. But our machine adopt gantry structure, cast iron bed (including X-axis beam): The structure of the machine and the materials used ensure the stability and rigidity of the overall structure of the fuselage, so that the wheel hub will not appear chattering when cutting and repairing.

When repairing the wheels, aluminum chip will fall into the machine. If the chips enter the ball screw, it maybe will effect the normal use of the machine. So we specially designed a The annular chip removal groove, is convenient to cleaning the chips. The X/Z axis linear guide and ball screw adopt full protection, so that the aluminum chips generated during the repair of the wheel will not enter the precise transmission mechanism, reduce the maintenance cycle of the machine, and greatly extend the service life of the machine.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional comprehensive modern enterprise , takes the mission of leading Chinese wheel repair machine to the world. As the originator of wheel repair machine in China, has rich experience in this field, now we have agencies in UK, Germany, France, Netherlands etc.. Looking forward to establishing long term cooperative relationship with more customers all over the world!

New vertical wheel repair machine AWR902VP

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