New coming wheel repair machine awr901vp pro model with iron base

As the originator of diamond cutting wheel repair machine in China. Taian Crystal gathered team of talents who engaged in machine tools for decades of years, took the mission of leading Chinese high quality products to the world. The machines have been keeping upgrade and promote since the beginning.

Recently, based on years of lathe tool’s of experience, also combined the core technologies and feedback from our users. We successfully produced this new vertical wheel repair machine, AWR901VP-pro. It is promoted model of AWR901VP.

You may ask what is the significance of upgrading?

This is a really good question. The biggest difference between them is the iron base. AWR901VP-pro uses iron gantry structure and iron base. The gross weight of it is 1900kg. While ople with knowledge of lathe knows that the higher quality, the higher stability. Also the cost for heavier machine is higher. 46% heavier is quite a big change. The easiest way to understand is that fat people are more resistant to storm than thin people. That is to say, when the machine is running at a high speed like 600rpm, our speed range is 10rpm to 1500rpm, it will be quieter and smoother because the center of gravity is more stable. Thus can ensure a perfect cutting effect.

Beside of this big change, the appearance of AWR901VP-pro has changed little bit. It looks more tougher and has muscular lines. AWR901VP is more rounded. If AWR901VP is a woman, the pro model can be a man. But both of them can cut wheels up to 30inch.

There are also some advantages that been preserved, like gantry structure, 4 position auto turret, 17’’ inch PC panel, auto-optimization software etc.

No matter which machine you like, horizontal or vertical. Taian Crystal can always provide you high quality diamond cutting wheel repair machine. And what’s more, we have full set of equipment for wheel repair, tyre changer, wheel cleaner, sandblasting machine, wheel oven, powdering gun etc. We also have some successful examples that help our customers to build a total new shop.

Come to find a whole solution for wheel repair in Taian Crystal.

New coming wheel repair machine awr901vp pro model with iron base

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