Love donation and condolence activity hold by wheel repair machine supplier taian crystal

“As long as everyone gives a small piece of love, the world will become a beautiful world.” Nature has give.n us the right to love and be loved, in order to make us happier and warmer the world.

At the end of year 2019, a new Coronavirus suddenly attacked and ravaged Wuhan, China. Few weeks later, it became a national events and affecting the lives of all Chinese. Chinese government responded quickly and took strong measures such as suspension of school and company. After nearly 3 months fight, the war with Coronavirus epidemic is about to determine its final victory, Taian Crystal team has launched material donation charity event with the theme of "Love Donations and Condolences Activity" and rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention. The materials are donated to workers who have been fighting the war bravely for the epidemic prevention and control in the past months.

In 11st, March under the help of the Red Cross Organization and related Departments, our company hold a social responsibility proactively and supported the Coronavirus prevention and control with practical actions. The general manager of our company has set an example and always regards social responsibility as the driving force for the development of the company. To give back to society with gratitude, he leads the company's employees to actively participate in donation activities and donated living supplies to some Coronavirus prevention and control station. This made a positive contribution to fighting the Coronavirus.

Many epidemic prevention supplies are scarce in the current special period. As an enterprise, we should actively assume social responsibilities and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. We are willing to make a small contribution to the fight against the epidemic, express our respect and greetings to the staff who can still fight on the front line of epidemic prevention work under difficult circumstances, and send our care and support to them in this special time.

When the Coronavirus comes, not everyone can charge forward into this battle. But everyone can have their heart in mind and contribute their own strength. This is great love. The power of love is infinite. It will unite love and win the battle against epidemic! We believe that with the concerted efforts of everyone, human will surely win the battle against the epidemic. We also trust that the enterprises that can undertake social responsibility must be honest enterprises. They think for customers, provide high-quality services, high-quality products, and satisfy consumers. As a supplier of wheel repair machine and other equipment, Taian Crystal always regard the lofty missions of serving the society, benefiting mankind, and changing lives as the core of our corporate culture.

Now time comes to mid March, China finally going to overcome the epidemic. What hurt us is that the virus is still wantoning over the world. Here, Crystal want to say, no matter which corner you are in, as long as you need help that we can do, Crystal will do our best without hesitate.

Love donation and condolence activity hold by wheel repair machine supplier taian crystal

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