Know more about your wheel repair machine

Wheel repair can help save you a lot of costs as a driver. Sometimes wheel damage is very minimal, but you are not assured of safety while using the wheel. Buying a new wheel will be a big expense for you, and most of the times you are not even prepared for it. This is when wheel repairs come in handy.

There are days when finding a specific wheel is very difficult. Some vehicle models come with wheels that can only be ordered from limited stores. Such times necessitate drivers to find a good repair shop, and hence, have repairs done. You will have been relieved of all the stress and worry of finding a new wheel. Note that professional service providers are capable of doing repairs in a way that the wheel will look as good as new.

The wheel repair machine refers to the CNC wheel lathe machine used in a wheel production or repair process and the aluminum wheel CNC lathe is one of the kinds. This type of CNC wheel machine is good at processing alloys. The carbide processing techniques and tooling involved in a wheel forming process make sure the cuts on the wheels are precise and clean. Since the production of wheels is a process of removing excess materials on a workpiece, a wheel repair machine is also called a wheel cutting lathe. There are two types of alloy wheel CNC lathe: the vertical wheel repair machine and the horizontal wheel repair machine. They are categorized based on the spindle orientation. A vertical CNC wheel machine has a spindle positioned vertically whereas a horizontal CNC wheel machine has the spindle laid horizontally.

The diamond cut wheels have been gaining popularity these days. It is a type of alloy wheel that is different from the traditional painted alloy wheels and therefore it requires extra care when it comes to the repair and refurbishment of the diamond cut wheels. A diamond cut wheel tends to have a two-tone surface finish. There is a machine-turned face with a darker inner and a silver outer. If a wheel is all the same color, it is more likely to be a traditional painted alloy wheel. Just like the traditional painted alloy wheels, a diamond cut wheel needs repair when there are scratches on its surface. To repair and refurbish the diamond cut wheel, an alloy wheel repair machineis required.

An aluminum wheel CNC lathe is commonly used in repair and refurbishmentprocesses. In a wheel repair process, the wheel will be rotated at a high speed. As the wheel is rotating, a stationary cutting die approaches the wheel. As the cutting die gets in contact with the wheel, the material is removed from the wheel. This is an effective way to repair the scratches and surface damages on alloy wheels. This technique is able to create a very fine finish on the surface of a wheel. With the wheel rotating at a very high speed, the aluminum wheel CNC lathe can precisely remove the excess stock from the wheel surface as well as its circumference. An alloy wheel CNC lathe is ideal for repairing diamond cut wheels.

Know more about your wheel repair machine

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