How to repair deep dish wheels by wheel repair machine

Before buying the wheel repair machine or in the process of using a wheel repair lathe, a friend will ask me if the wheel lathe can repair or how to repair the deep dish type wheels. Which methods are used to repair the different deep dish wheels?

Deep dish wheels can be roughly divided into two types, one is the overall structure of the wheel, the other is the wheel spoke and rim can be separated. Different wheel structures require different repair methods. In principle, as long as the detection system of the wheel repair lathe can detect normally, the diamond cutter can penetrate the inner part of the wheel and the wheel has no obstruction to the handle, it can be repaired normally.

If the vertical depth of the rim relative to the spokes is less than 60mm, the normal detection of the wheel repair machine detection system can be guaranteed, and then the perfect repair can be made by selecting the appropriate diamond cutter. The front end of the hilt should not be obstructed by the wheel when selecting the tool, otherwise the hilt will damage the wheel. If the vertical depth is greater than 60mm, the rim will hinder the probe detection, resulting in the failure of normal detection. Such wheels are difficult to repair, and can be repaired if you know how to program a CNC lathe.

The wheel which spokes and rim can be separated is relatively simple. The depth of such wheel is very large, it is difficult to repair it without removing spokes. The simplest of these wheels is to remove the spoke surface and place it on the wheel lathe for normal cutting. Two different ways can be used to clamp the disassembled spokes, one is directly using the standard chuck on the wheel repair lathe clamping, the other way is to use a kind of similar to the rim straightening machine’s spindle, the wheel can be fixed by the center. Compared with the first method, the second method produces uneven forces and is difficult to ensure the absolute center of the wheel.

Through the above simple introduction, I believe you have a deep dish wheel repair understanding, so that you know how to repair. The Crystal wheel repair machine can use extended probes and diamond cutters to repair deep dish type wheels. We are equipped with 3mm diameter spherical diamond cutter to perfectly repair the vertical plane of the wheel. For different wheel, if need different wheel lathe configuration, we can meet your requirements, so as to ensure that you can repair most of the wheel.

How to repair deep dish wheels by wheel repair machine

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