How to maintain your wheel combining our wheel repair machine

The daily maintenance of the car is really important, but in the face of some minor damage problems, you should also understand the combination of wheel repair machine, maintenance and repair to make your car more perfect!

1. It is necessary to wash away the sand particles attached to the surface of the wheel and the dirt easily cause damage to the wheel. Otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corroded and damaged.

2. The inner and outer surfaces of the wheel are treated with acid-proof detergent. It is better to wax the wheel every 2 months, which can prolong the service life of the wheel. It is also important to use the right tool when cleaning. Please don’t use hard brush, especially an iron brush, because they will damage the wheel surface.

3. To keep the appearance of the wheel beautiful, take extra care during driving to prevent accidental damage to the wheel. In order not to damage the protective layer of the wheel surface itself, paint brighteners or other abrasive materials cannot be used on the wheel. When the alloy protective paint is damaged or the hard object is scratched during driving, the alloy wheel should be repaired and repainted as soon as possible.

4. For scratches and wear on the surface of the wheel, you can use our wheel repair machines to repair it. It can detect the surface curve of alloy wheel and generate the machining program automatically to repair the wheel end-face by diamond turning tools. After probe, the program will be automatically generated, it is very easy to operation. The operator does not have to know everything on programming. Just need five steps to repair a damaged wheel:

1. Load the wheel. We have special ratchet wrench which make it easier to lode a wheel.

2. Set Tools. Our machine use diamond cutter, integrated blade, no vibration during cutting, high stability, 15 cm and 28 cm are optional. The tools’ tip can be selected from left or right, it is flexible and user-friendly.

3. Detection. The machine equipped with ruby detection system, the contact-type detection is more stable and accurate than traditional laser detection.

4. Optimization. Our machine use self-developed optimization software, it can be applied to most wheels, which could make the repair machining more perfect. A small amount of cutting, the original curve of the wheel is restored to the maximum extent.

5. Diamond Cutting.

As the saying goes, details determine success or failure. Wheel maintenance is also very important. So please don't spoil the whole because of a small detail! Combining our wheel repair machine, you’ll get a perfect wheel.

How to maintain your wheel combining our wheel repair machine

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