How can we serve you by wheel repair machine

Road salt, dirt and chemicals are bad for wheels. Failure to polish the wheel looks bad. Alloy wheels will not rust, they will oxidize and corrode. We often hear: "My wheels look dirty, I can't seem to clean them!"

Irregular wheels will affect the safety of the vehicle. Bent wheels will damage the smoothness of driving and cause uneven tire wear. It can also cause alignment problems and even reduce fuel economy. Curbs may be bad news for your wheel. Road debris and other hazards can cause scratches to the wheel surface and lips. This is a common phenomenon on all types of wheels. It is unattractive and if not repaired, it will cause corrosion and wheel degradation. But we have good news! We can help you to renovate your wheels. We have sold wheel repair machine to over more than 100 countries. And we can instantly make your wheels look better than ever.

We have a wealth of experience and equipment to turn those wheels that drive down into the highlights of your ride.

If you want to make your wheels more shiny, you can choose Crystal wheel repair machine. Whether you are going to achieve rainbow pattern, mirror effect, or wire drawing effect, we can achieve and provide excellent products that other machine can't match.

AWR902VPas the newest design wheel repair machine, it has many improvements than traditional machine. This machine uses mature designs such as gantry structure, cast iron bed, X/Z axis linear rail, precision ball screw. And adjusted the positions of the Z-axis control motor, at the same time, adopt independent spindle box. All of these make the new structure machine meet the diversified market demand of different customers.

From the overall structure, the machine length is 1.63m, width is 1.11m, and height 1.86m, but it can repair wheels up to 34”. Smaller size, larger cutting size.

Besides, this machine is our multi-touch industrial PC system, it is very convenient to use, 17 inch touch screen, just as easy as operate your Ipad, or you can use the wireless mouse and keyboard. Just few times of touch, you can repair a wheel in a short time.

You may curious about how to use this machine?

Actually, there are mainly four steps to repair a wheel by our machine.

1.load the wheel.



4.Diamond cutting.

First, When you load the wheel, equipped with ratchet wrench, quick to load and unload. We need to put the wheel on the chuck and fix it, turn the wheel by hand to check whether the clamping is correct, whether it is clamped well, and whether the wheel and the chuck are concentric. And because of the vertical structure, the user can observe the wheel conveniently.

Second, detection, we only need to set Start point and End point, set the starting point. Move the ruby to start position and and press the“start point ”to record the ordinate. Use the same way to set end point. After setting, press the "START" button at the bottom of the display to perform the detection.

Third, detection by the PC controller, it is based on Windows and equipped with self-developed optimization software you can optimize the curve directly, without the need of another computer to make a special optimization, can save a lot of work time. At the same time, it is convenient to operate by touch screen and equipped with a wireless keyboard & mouse to meet the different operating habits.

Fourth, about the diamond cutting, you can adjust the spindle speed and feed speed of cutters to realize different wheel repair effects.

Just four steps, the damaged wheel will take a new look.

Crystal is committed to putting consumer safety first. All machines have passed CE certification standards, and each machine undergoes multiple inspections before leaving the factory to ensure that each machine meets or exceeds performance standards. Crystal technicians have received comprehensive training in all aspects of wheel repair machines. They must be proficient in machine structure, sheet metal performance, operating systems, and electrification.

So choosing Crystal means choosing guarantee and trust. Don't hesitate anymore, just contact us!

How can we serve you by wheel repair machine

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