High quality wheel repair machine

If you buy a set of alloy wheels for your car, you may keep it in good condition. alloy wheels are an excellent feature of automobiles. Keeping them intact will always keep your car beautiful and help maintain its residual value. Worn alloy wheels and corroded alloy wheels are all too common. In this case, when the aluminum alloy wheels are in poor condition, you will want to restore them as soon as possible.

In addition to the appearance of the damaged alloy wheels, it also has a negative impact on the performance of the vehicle. We are the originator of wheel repair machine manufacturer, and we require high-quality, safe off-board wheel repairs. Believe in the safety and reliability of the aluminum alloy wheel repair machine originator. Restore the best condition of the wheel with the smallest amount of cutting.

Repairing alloy wheels can make the car look newer. How to repair alloy wheels?

We have complete wheel repair equipment, tire changer machine, wheel straighten machine, wheel sand blasting machine, and most importantly, the diamond cutting wheel repair machine, which can help you restore a wheel full of scratches to its original state.

So how to choose a high-quality wheel repair lathe will be very important.

Our AWR901VP wheel repair lathe may be your good choice.

First of all, the vertical structure can save space very well. If your wheel repair shop is small, then this machine can help you save space, and some shops have small factory doors, so this machine can be easily accessed , And can save transportation costs.

In addition, the system adopts the PC system, simple optimization software, 17 inch multi-touch screen, which is as simple as operating your I-pad. Detection, optimization, and cutting are completed with one button, and the four station electric tool post saves time and effort. Vertical structure make wheel clamping more convenient, easy to observe and operate, and save labor costs. Gantry structure, linear guide and high precision servo motor can guarantee the stability of the machine, so achieve the different cutting effects, such as rainbow, mirror effect. Convenient magnetic hand-wheel unit can be put any any place, make the x/z axis move easier, achieve the whole wheel repair machine user-friendly.

Besides, We have agents in different countries such as Germany, UK, France, Holland, Vietnam, etc., which can help you quickly learn how to use the machine and give you the best service.

The last and not the least, Sufficient inventory can ensure prompt delivery when customers have demand. 24-hour service, if you have any unclear about operation, please feel free to contact us by phone, video, voice, email and other ways at any time.

If you are interested in wheel repair machine or other wheel repair equipment, just contact us at any time.

High-quality wheel repair machine are waiting for you.

High quality wheel repair machine

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