Great communication of wheel repair machine

I’d spent more than 8 years in Crystal, I am a young man for many people who have worked for more than ten years in Crystal. But In my not long career in wheel repair machine sales, I have also served various customers about wheel repair machine. Most of customers need to add machines to their wheel repair shops to extend business. Some customers have bought machines from other suppliers before, but they are not satisfied enough, so they are looking for latest and best machines now. A small percentage of customers are foreign sellers of wheel repair machines and want to find quality suppliers. For me, every customer is not only a customer, they are also my friend in the future. Therefore, I always treat customers with the best service. I experienced a customer video call yesterday, and I want to talk with you guys about that beautiful story.

Bill, an excellent and successful wheel repair expert who have three wheels repair shops in Europe. His university is an electrical major, and the previous wheel repair machine were all modified by himself. Bill Originally planned to come to the factory to watch the machine, but we had to cancel the plan because of the virus. We took a video call yesterday. Bill is as charming, polite and gentle as my remember.

“Hello, How about the situation in China now? “Bill said. “I suppose China is getting better and the situation is controlled by our government. And China is getting better, we all working back to normal.” When I said these, I hope the people of the world will don't let the virus bother. “That’s great, you guys are doing such a great job” I leaned back in my chair and basked in that compliment. At the same time, Bill took a sip of coffee on his desk then talked with me. “As I told you before, the wheel repair machine we are using now is remodeled by myself. It is great but can’t as good as yours. Can I know the development history of your wheel repair machine?” I gave him my biggest smile, “Sure, it’s honor to talk this with you. The development of wheel repair lathe should be developed earlier, from the early use of ordinary non-CNC lathe to CNC lathe, to industrial PC control; From horizontal wheel lathe to vertical wheel lathe, has been developed for several generations. Each generation of updates has embodied the good quality of the machine. And each generation of wheel repair lathe research and development design is worth the customer to affirm.” I was honored when I told Bill about our history.” I think your company is an innovative company, which is very good. I want to know if your wheel repair lathe can achieve mirror effect? If the wheel surface is partially damaged, can it be repaired locally?”I cleared my throat and replied “ Sure, Because we continuously upgrade and improve our wheel repair lathe, and independently developed optimization software.

Through optimization software, the detection curve is optimized to obtain a perfect cutting program, adjust the feed parameters of the two axes of the machine, control the movement speed of the two axes, and achieve the mirror effect. If the surface of your wheel hub is seriously damaged, don’t worry that our lathe can also be repaired. First of all, we recommend a comprehensive repair to achieve the overall perfect repair effect; of course, if you only want to repair the damaged area, you can use the control panel The optimized software for local detection curve processing and local deepening cutting can also achieve perfect repair.” Bill is smiling all the time, and nodding frequently, I think he should be very satisfied with my answer.” He frowned and pondered, then ask me” For my machine, it is difficult to repair deep dish wheels, how about yours?” I took out our special designed longer diamond cutter and longer probe to show him and told him that the tools are used for deep dish wheels. He looks very satisfied. He slowly leaned his back against the chair, slowly took a sip of coffee, and said “Dear, everything of your machine is good, but only one thing, it is a little expensive than others” I smiled, I think it was time to talk about the price. ” Mr. Bill, as we all know, the quality of the wheel repair machine determines the effectiveness and the life of the machine. If because of the choice of bargains, serious quality problems occur later, it will not be simple maintenance, and you may not understand maintenance. So the crazy thing is that you have to suspend your business and face more losses. Compared to the money you saved, fyou really regret it. We are making Chinese manufacturing better and have been recognized by customers, so we can only establish long-term cooperative agents in many countries in Europe and America. For example, German agents, they are world-renowned for their strict quality, but we have been cooperating for more than 5 years. This is enough to prove that you do not have to worry about the quality of the machine, because someone else has already proven it for you.” His face became a little hesitant, as if he agreed with me. “In the Chinese market, there are always people who want to win customers with low prices. Of course, you can find low-cost products in China, but please do not expect too much from quality. The low price inevitably requires the manufacturing cost and service cost of the compressor, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the machine and provide better service.” After listening to me, he smiled and was very happy said” I know I have to work with your company because you really deserve it”

In the last, to reach a good negotiation agreement, we must take care of each other's core interests and major concerns. The most important thing is that your machine is ahead enough.

Great communication of wheel repair machine

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