Get to know the originator of wheel repair machine

Our Company

The increase in car ownership has caused the rapid expansion of the car repair industry. The traditional repair technology has not been able to better preserve the integrity of the original car due to the long repair time, it couldn’t met the fast pace of life and higher requirements of modern people.

Behind the advancement of each era, there is a forward-looking perspective that transcends tradition -- Taian Crystal Machinery Co.,Ltd -- the first batch of supplier to produce wheel repair machine. We designed advanced alloy wheel repair technology, and strive to become the leader in the wheel repair market!!

Our Machine

The surface repairing of alloy wheels requires high precision and smoothness, which puts forward higher requirements for the repair equipment of wheels. Our machine summarizes the research and development experience of wheel repair machine which is suitable for repairing all wheels below 32 inches. This machine is equipped with high-precision detection system, easy to operate, no programming, strong stability, reliable quality, clear drawing surface and high brightness.

Two types of wheel repair machine

1. PC wheel repair machine Features:

It is PC control based on Windows 7 Quad core CPU/ SSD hard stick/large capacity DRR3 memory/ USB3.0/WIFI Module This type machine is easy to operate, detection, optimization and cutting can be finished in one system in a If you don't have experience in CNC system operation, it will be easier for you to operate this machine.

2. CNC wheel repair machine Features:

It was controlled by CNC , the system is SYNTEC, you need to optimize the shape of wheel with your own computer after detect it. This type machine has more functions and the system is more stable.

Of course, all the machine has Self developed professional optimization software which can support the repair of curves by parts, make the surface of wheel perfect by cutting minimum cutting quantity. Support the remote assistance, and any problems can contact with our company to start the after sale service. And we will give you detailed instructions and training videos. It's up to you to decide which model you like, and we can guarantee the quality of each machine.

Our Machines Application

Alloy wheel lathe machines are designed for repair and refurbish alloy wheel , be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel. Three common damages of alloy wheel repair:

1.The edge of the wheel is scratched and damaged

2.Wheel twisted and deformed

3.Wheel yellowing

Our Strength

Taian Crystal Machinery Co.,Ltd have sold machines to 100 countries, now we have agents in UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland. The machine can achieve perfect repair effect, the main parts of the equipment sold are guaranteed for life, and provide long-term technical support.

our company's products have been loved by people in the industry since they were listed Our company has strong technical force and excellent product quality. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world come me to know more about our machines.

If you have any interest about our machine, feel free to contact me, our company name is Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd.

Get to know the originator of wheel repair machine

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