Does driverless car need wheel repair machine

With the development of social science and technology, driverless cars are gradually becoming reality. Driverless car is a smart car that is driven by computer system. After Google, BMW, Volvo, Ford, etc. have announced that they want to realize the commercial use of driverless cars. Some people are confused whether driverless car doesn’t need wheel repair machine? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of driverless cars.


1. Reduce traffic accidents and casualties

The negligence of drivers every year cause many accidents. The driverless system is not limited by the driver's physiological factors: drunk driving, fatigue driving, and not being affected by bad mood. Its reaction is faster and can accurately know how to avoid other drivers' vision blind spot. It can effectively reduce traffic accidents and casualties.

2. Alleviate traffic congestion

The driverless car is controlled by the computer system. It is more accurate for instant road condition. At the same time, the driverless system can also receive the nearby lights, speed limit and warning signs through the sensors and networks on the car. The system will adjust the driving speed and reducing the traffic congestion.

3. Reduce energy driver spend on driving

For the driver, the driverless car can perform most of the driving actions, such as gear shifting, acceleration, braking and turning, which are automatically processed by the computer system. The driver does not have to put all energy into driving, and can do other things in the car.

4. Lower the driver's threshold

The driverless cars have greatly lowered threshold for driving applications. A younger, overaged or disabled person can obtain driver's license through the operation training of the driverless system.

So what are the disadvantages of driverless cars?

1. Limitations of parking

Although it is not difficult to reverse the parking position by control system on the driverless car, the premise is that the parking space must be sufficient, otherwise the bumping and scratching of wheel will occur during parking.

2. Too much depends on satellites, networks

Driverless technology relies heavily on satellite navigation technology. Once the signal is disturbed or even interrupted, driverless will be impossible. And the car and wheels will be damaged or even more serious.

3. System reliability

Undoubtedly, there is a certain risk in the driverless system itself. Some vulnerabilities in the system will also cause damage to the wheels.

It can be seen that the driverless car is not absolutely safe, and the wheels also will be scratched and damaged. Therefore, even if driverless are is coming, the wheel repair machine is your inevitable choice.

Does driverless car need wheel repair machine

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