Do you know the effect of wheel clamping on wheel repair machine performance

The wheel repair industry has broad prospects. It is necessary to choose a wheel repair machine with excellent performance. There are many ways to clamp wheel about wheel repair machine. The most common are center clamping and chuck clamping. Due to the clamping requirements for the wheel are relatively high during processing, if the clamping does not meet the requirements, the wheel cutting effect will be directly affected. Do you know how these different clamping methods affect the performance of the lathe?

Center clamp: The wheel is fixed on the center shaft then fastened with the nuts. Center fixture features: (1) It is very important to ensure same force on the center and edge of the wheel during the machining process. But the center clamp only forces the center of the wheel, due to the uneven force on wheel center and edge, the wheel will shake when cutting the edge, poor stability. It is easy to cause vibration lines. (2) When cutting the center of the wheel, the central axis will intervene the wheel cutting. (3) Due to the different sizes of each wheel, the center clamp often has misalignment when positioning. It requires repeated calibration for different wheels, so it takes too much time and effort.

Chuck clamping: Rotate the chuck by using the chuck wrench and drive the three claws to move together to play the role of self-centering clamping wheel. Chuck clamping features: (1) Same force on center and edge of the wheel. It can avoid the uneven force effectively by three-claw self-centering. And the clamping can be firmed tightly, which fully ensures the consistency of the cutting effect between the center and the edge of the wheel. (2) There is no interference of the central axis at the wheel center, ensures the same cutting effect on edge and center. (3) The chuck clamping is convenient and easy to operate, so the clamping speed is fast, which greatly improves the working efficiency. From the above, it can be concluded that the chuck clamping is the most suitable way for the wheel repair machine. In addition, to solve the problem of uneven force, increasing the clamping point is an effective method to make the wheel force same. Therefore, the six-jaw chuck is extended on the basis of the three-jaw chuck, so that the wheel prevents deformation during the clamping process and has good stability.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd selects the three-jaw chuck clamping method on the wheel repair lathe to fully guarantee the wheel cutting effect. We also upgrade the six-jaw chuck as an optional configuration. Chuck clamping is the best choice for your wheel repair lathe.

Do you know the effect of wheel clamping on wheel repair machine performance

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