Differences between automatic and manual wheel repair machine

The wheel repair machine is specially used for repairing aluminum alloy wheels of automobiles after the transformation of the lathe. By using the high precision and simple operation of the lathe, the wheel surface and other parts can be cut and repaired, so that the wheel can be renewed by cutting very little material.

Why do more wheel repair shops like wheel repair specialists now use wheel repair machine to repair injured wheel surfaces? Because using a wheel lathe can not only repair the scratches on the wheel surface, but also realize different wheel surface effects, making the wheel surface look cooler than before repair. However, the wheel repair through traditional grinding and filling materials can restore the wheel to the original state, but it cannot handle the wheel better. Therefore, the wheel repair machine shows superiority in wheel repair.

What do wheel repair machine look like in different countries? Each factory that makes lathes can make different types, different operations, and even different price wheel hub lathes by modifying the lathes. However, it can be seen from the current survey results that the current wheel repair machines are roughly divided into ordinary manual wheel repair machine, CNC wheel repair machine and intelligent PC wheel repair machines.

Ordinary CNC wheel repair machines use ordinary manual CNC lathes to manually repair the surface of the wheels. This type of machine is currently the most common and affordable machine. However, for automatic wheel repair machine, there are disadvantages such as troublesome operation, difficult for ordinary people who do not understand CNC lathes, and poor accuracy. For wheel repair shops, if different wheels are repaired every day, ordinary wheel repair machine may be too inefficient for them.

People's pursuit of equipment automation will never stop. The automated wheel repair machine can avoid manual errors and mistakes, improve the accuracy of wheel repair, and save the time and cost of wheel repair. Although the initial investment of the automatic wheel lathe, The cost is relatively high, but the cost savings and earned costs in the later period can completely offset the higher costs. Moreover, the automated wheel repair machine can save labor costs, improve the effect of wheel repair, and improve the level of service.

CNC wheel lathe is a lathe developed based on CNC lathe, which can be used for wheel detection and repair. This numerically controlled wheel hub lathe basically realizes the automatic detection and repair of the wheel hub lathe. His advantages are powerful and stable. However, the CNC version of the wheel lathe also has some disadvantages, that is, the operation of the CNC system is relatively complicated. And there are some limitations to the curve processing of wheel detection, so we have been pursuing the simplest operating system.

Finally, we have successfully developed a wheel repair machine controller made with an industrial PC to achieve the simplest operation of a wheel repair machine. There are no unnecessary buttons and operations inside the system, and many operations and automated operations of the wheel repair machine components are realized, which greatly saves the customer's learning costs and operating time costs, improves the efficiency of repair, and can further increase the benefits of wheel repair.

Through the above analysis, we still feel that the latest PC version of the wheel repair machine is the best choice for a wheel repair shop or an automobile 4S shop. However, it is not enough to select the wheel repair machine only by the controller. At present, there are many wheel lathes on the market. It will inevitably form competition among peers. Some manufacturers will reduce the cost by reducing the configuration and using different accessories. This has an impact on the performance and life of the wheel lathe, and the wheel lathe is a high-precision machine, so when buying a wheel lathe, you must put the budget second and the product first.

The PC wheel repair machine we currently produce have won any of our customers, and we hope that we will have more products in the future to make the wheel repair industry better.

Differences between automatic and manual wheel repair machine

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