Crystal wheel repair machines are shipped all over the world

For wheel repair machine in China, Taian Crystal is your best choice. For more than 20 years, we have been the most trustworthy and professional wheel repair machine manufacturer in China. Our engineers continue to strive for perfection in product technology, take customer needs seriously, and constantly update and upgrade our products. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not blindly lower prices, use cheap products, and engage in malicious competition on prices. What we have to do is to be China's Number One, to ensure the best product quality, and to provide customers with the best quality service.

The most trusted wheel repair machine manufacturer in China.

When you refurbish your cars’ alloy wheel repairs, you know that you are in the hands of well-trained rim repair technicians who have expertise in complex engineering techniques and advanced magnetic wheel repair equipment. Where does their advanced equipment come from? Our team consists of only the most dedicated and skilled professionals in the wheel repair lathe business. Our employees work fast, do not affect the craftsmanship, and always double their efforts to provide you with the highest quality. With more than 21 years of experience in this field, you can always rely on CNC Wheels to provide the attention you deserve to your alloys.

Wheels may look tough and elastic to untrained people, but their lightweight aluminum construction comes at a price, which makes them extremely vulnerable to cosmetic damage, including wear, scratches, pitting, and even severe cracking and bending. There is nothing worse than an expensive car with worn magnetic wheels!

Whether your damaged rim is due to burnt brake dust gradually entering the metal surface, or because you accidentally drove the car through a huge pothole, or simply because you angled the corner of the West field parking lot too much, CNC lathes You can make your wheels perfect as new. All our technicians are dedicated to restoring your wheels to the best possible condition so that you can drive away happily and confidently, because this work has been completed in accordance with the highest technological standards.

At CNC Wheel machine, we always strive to provide you with excellent advice, first-class customer service and real value for money. When comparing us with repair services, please make sure to make a similar comparison, whether it is the same structure, whether it is the same quality, but many of our competitors cut corners and provide inferior repairs. At CNC Wheels, we have invested a lot of money in advanced machinery and equipment and comprehensive staff training to ensure that our machines can obtain excellent alloy wheel repair results.

At the same time, under the influence of COVID-19, the cost of raw materials in China has increased sharply, and the delivery period of raw materials has been extended. In addition, shipping cost is also facing a sharp increase, and shipping space is tight.

Therefore, if you have any purchase plans, please confirm in advance, because the earlier you confirm, the more costs you can save, there are a large number of orders waiting for production now, and at the same time, we can arrange machines for you first.

The important thing is to repeat, if you have an order plan, the earlier you confirm it, the more you can save money. our workers work efficiently and arrange the delivery of goods every week.

Crystal wheel repair machines are shipped all over the world

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