Crystal wheel repair machine will make your car more outstanding

Nowadays, more and more people own cars. They always do regular maintenance for their cars, such as oil filter replacement, car paint maintenance, car interior maintenance, etc. They realize that it is not only to do these basic maintenance for the car, but also the car wheels need maintenance and repair, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the maintenance of the car wheel, because the car will inevitably encounter some small strokes in the daily driving. Although it is not particularly eye-catching, it will still affect the aesthetics of the car, and a shiny wheel will make your car shine and beautiful, and make your identity more noble. So, how to make your car more perfect? At this time, you need the help of an automatic diamond cutting wheel repair machine.

Crystal machinery Co.,ltd is the earliest manufacturer of wheel repair lathe in China. We have a professional technical team. Recently we have developed a new vertical wheel repair lathe AWR901VP. Let’s take a look at this machine together.

This is our newly developed vertical wheel repair lathe AWR901VP. Its maximum repair size can reach 32 inches. It can repair most of the wheels. It uses a 17-inch large screen touch industrial PC system. The operation is very simple and does not require special. Training, non-professionals who have never used wheel repair can also learn how to operate within a few hours through training. We have a complete training video, remote collaboration and video training are also available, so you don’t have to worry about operation problems. This machine uses a fully automatic detection system, eliminating the cumbersome steps of manual tool change, improving work efficiency and saving working time, using a high-precision automatic detection system, high repeat positioning accuracy, and also improved repair accuracy, This makes the wheel cutting effect better. This machine also uses comprehensive optimization software, which is simple to operate and easy to learn. After the detection is completed, the detection curve can be automatically optimized to achieve rainbow patterns and mirror effects.

In terms of safety, the vertical wheel repair lathe AWR901VP is very user-friendly. This machine uses a pneumatic safety door, a protective lock, and a window design, which makes it easier to observe the process of wheel cutting. During the operation of the machine, protection The door cannot be opened, ensuring the personal safety of the operator.

The 17-inch industrial touch screen can be rotated, and the wheel cutting can also be observed during the operation of the screen. This machine also uses a magnetic handheld unit, which can be hung on the metal surface for close operation and enables two-axis feed The movement is more intuitive.

The up and down adjustable keyboard tray supports the use of wireless keyboard and mouse with PC touch screen. The keyboard tray can be rotated, which provides convenience for operation.

Automation and better products are always the constant choices and pursuits of users. As a professional manufacturer of wheel lathes in China, we also know this well, so we have been on the road of pursuing more perfect products and look forward to your continued attention.

With high quality and innovative technology, our diamond cutting alloy wheel repair machine diamond cutting wheel repair machine is well known in the international market. We will keep moving forward and bring you the best service!

Crystal wheel repair machine will make your car more outstanding

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